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Best Picture Frame sizes for your Home Decor 2020 - Modern Memory Design Picture frames - NJ Frame shop Custom framing

Best Picture Frame sizes for your Home Decor 2020

Picture frame jointed to hold and display a photograph, drawing, art or item. With digital printing helping us today to design and develop anything and any size we like to highlight top 30 picture frame sizes for your amazing photograph, drawing or art.


Most common picture frames you will notice in the market are 4x6 picture frame, 5x7 picture frame, 6x8 picture frame, 8x10 picture frame, 11x14 picture frame, 11x17 picture frame and from the large posters you will see 16x20 picture frame, 18x24 picture frame, 20x30 picture frame and 24x36 picture frame. You can consider them as the top 10 picture frame sizes. You can find all sizes at


Here are other picture frame sizes that are popular for the standard photo prints or art prints in the mart


  • 5x5 picture frame
  • 8x8 picture frame
  • 12x12 picture frame
  • 5x11 picture fame
  • 9x12 picture frame
  • 12x16 picture frame
  • 13x19 picture frame
  • 14x18 picture frame
  • 15x15 picture frame
  • 20x20 picture frame
  • 20x24 picture frame
  • 20x28 picture frame
  • 22x28 picture frame
  • 22x32 picture frame

We as a made in USA Picture frame shop located in Lodi, New Jersey handcraft each and everyone picture frame from wood moulding and real glass ready to display your photograph, drawing or art in your home. Each photograph tells a store and no other way to decorate your home and create amazing home wall art decor is have a picture framed. Lets start framing your photographs, art prints or drawings with


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