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Consider Custom Framing for your Home Decor

What Are the Benefits of Custom Framing?


Many people have come to us wondering what the benefits of custom framing are.  Of course, we are slightly biased, however, there is a difference between purchasing a “standard” size store-bought frame from a department or craft store and getting a customized frame that is specifically designed for the photo, art, or item that you intend to put in your frame. This is especially true if you are needing a specific dimension. 


Custom framing can enhance your artwork, treasures, or mementos. It can also create a special place for you to display movie, music, or sports memorabilia, and protect your items from yellowing, fading, or degradation.  While this may be enough to satisfy most people, there’s more!


Custom Framing Allows for Personal Presentation


With a choice of three different colors, as well as a modern flat square profile, we create custom frames that have pine wood molding.  At the end of the day though, you choose what is best for your artwork and mementos.  Whether you are displaying your grandfather’s motorcycle vest, or a signed hockey jersey we can help you decide the best way to make sure that it fits in your space and reflects the style you are going for. 


Custom Framing Means Custom Photos


Today, when you take photos, you are often using your cell phone.  This means that your memories can be captured using a variety of sizes.  This includes more than just your traditional sizes.  Custom framing allows you to use photos of any size.  This means that the framed photos you hang in your home can be square, traditional, or made to fit. 


Do Custom Frames use Real Glass or Acrylic Plexiglass?


At Modern Memory Design, our picture frames are made with 2mm clear polished real glass.  This real glass is used for any picture frame for up to 30 inches.  If you need a frame built that is over 30 inches, we use clear, glazed 1/8” acrylic.  The reason for this is because the larger your frame, the lighter it needs to be.  Additionally, if the glass is larger, it is more likely to experience breakage.  Acrylic prevents breakage because it is slightly more pliable. 


How do I know what size picture frame I need?


Use a tape measure to measure the outside width and height of your photograph, poster, artwork or print.  If you are using a digital photo that you would like printed and framed, then we can help you figure out what size frame you are needing.  Simply shoot us a message, and we can discuss with you whether your photo needs to be cropped, trimmed, or is perfect just the way it is.  If you are avid about posting the 1:1 photos that Instagram prefers, and your camera is set up to do this, then that simply means that the photo frame size is going to be equal on both sides.  For example, you can frame those photos at a 5 x 5 or a 16 x 16, or even larger depending on the resolution your camera takes photos in. 


You don’t need to be an expert; you can simply trust our knowledge and experience. Here at Modern Memory Design, we can help you decide what size frame is best for the photos that you are looking to print, and how to frame them so that they flow well with your space.  Contact Us today for more information. 


What is the outside picture frame size and why does it matter?


If you are trying to fit a photo in a certain space in your home, and that space is limited, then you may need to know the exact dimensions of your finished and framed piece.  The outsize picture frame size is 2.5 inches larger than the size of the item that you are looking to frame.  For example, if you are ordering a frame for an 11x14 photo, then the finished product will be 13.5x16.5 inches. 


Motivation is Simple with Custom Framing


Does your family have a certain quote or saying that you use to stay motivated?  Some of your greatest stories and history can be preserved with a simple turn of phrase.  Perhaps your goals are something that you need to see every day.  Whether you are looking for just the words, or you are needing an image that brings home the idea that you are trying to represent, custom framing can make that happen for you.  Feel free to check out some of the ideas that we have on our website, and keep in mind that if you are looking for something a little different, we can do anything. 

 Custom Framing is Something You Should Consider For Quality

 In addition to the benefits outlined in this article, custom framing is simply put, a higher quality product.  Many of the frames that we frequently buy from craft stores are often made of plastic or resin, and while they are definitely cheaper, they may damage photos or the art that is inside them, since they contain high levels of acidity.  At Modern Memory Design, we use specialized tools and techniques, along with real wood, to ensure that your pieces don’t get damaged.  We are also located right here in the USA, so you know that the product you are receiving is made with experience and care. 


The glass that is used in custom frames is usually a little thicker than what you will find in the store, and since custom frames can be made for almost any size, then they can fit in custom spaces.  If you are looking for quality products that are hand-built and customized to your specifications, then look no further, we have what you need.  Feel free to talk to one of our experienced experts today if you have more questions, we are happy to help.  We also have a lot of tips, tricks, and information available on our blog.  We encourage you to look around. 



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Victoria Addington - January 25, 2024

I’m delighted you mentioned that you can use any size photo with custom framing. As you mentioned, this might assist you in matching your decor to your goals and aspirations. I will be sure to remind my mother of this and encourage her to look into frame services that will assist her, as she has expressed a desire to display family photos in her house.

Eve Mitchell - September 8, 2023

Thanks for the tip about using a tape measure to get the proper size of the art. I bought a gorgeous cloth painting in China and I want to get it framed so I can hang it up. I’ll make sure to measure it so I can get the right size custom framing.

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