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Custom wood picture frames in detail from picture framing shop - Modern Memory Design Picture frames - NJ Frame shop Custom framing

Custom wood picture frames in detail from picture framing shop

Wood Frames & Custom Picture Frames

Wood picture frames can work for almost any framing project, but they are most commonly used for the preservation of sweet memories and cherishable moments such as family photos, certificates, diplomas and prints, and more.


What Are Wood Picture Frames?

Photo frames often come in the market in various sizes and shapes and can provide the most modern look to any of the pictures. The best part is these custom wooden frames are available on our website with various custom designs and modern styles.


We can help you in finding the right custom picture frame or the wooden photo frame that will exactly fit all of your needs. Here are some important things that we consider while creating the right frame for you.


Determining the size of the custom picture frame

As a first step, we want to know what kind of picture you want us to fit in the wooden boundary. After checking and measuring the dimensions of the picture, we figure out the length of the mat you want.


Here is the formula that we apply to get the right size of the custom frame:


Width=width of picture + (2 x width of mat) + (2 x width of frame) – 3/4″

Height= height of picture + (2 x height of mat) + (2 x width of frame) – 3/4″


Well, you do not need to worry about this calculation, as our experts know how to deal with the custom frame designing process and will discuss it after finalizing everything on their part.


Cutting the wooden pieces

Let us share our experiences. Most of the customers want us to use Kentucky Coffee wood or premium pine wood for cutting purposes. Whatever the type of wood we use, we ensure premium quality and never compromise on it.


Printing online photo frames

Nowadays, online photo frames are also highly in demand. We have a team of digital framing experts who deal with online framing projects and allows you to see the digital prints of your own photo frames. You can share these custom digital frames with your friends, family members, and other people in your social circle.


Drilling the holes

In the process of physical custom photo frame designing, our framing experts use various techniques to give the most professional look to the frames. The corresponding holes fit exactly into one another and when each of the holes gets drilled in each of the holes, we glue them up.

Adding Decorative Details

For some people, the addition of decorative elements is quite an unnecessary task and they consider it a mere waste of money. However, the artistic-minded people focus primarily on minor decoration and other little decorative details.


The interesting part?

We can add all kinds of decoration ideas that match the latest trends and styles. Our custom picture frame experts can not only add perfection to the online frames but also handle all kinds of woods.

Installation of the print

In the end, we put everything together. When all the wooden components exactly fit into each other, we say that the wooden custom picture frame is ready.


Let us deal with all the technical details and even if you are short on ideas or looking for unique designs that no one has ever used before, you should consult our team of custom designers.


While creating the digital custom frames, we use the most advanced and modern editing and designing tools to provide you with ideas that you have never seen anywhere on the internet.


Final Verdict

The process of framing apparently seems easy, but it requires more creativity than you think. If you have recently shifted to your new house or are just overall passionate about hanging the beautiful custom picture frames on the walls of your home, you should take professional help. Nowadays, it is even easier to find framing companies and experts online. But you should also remain aware of the fake people who copy the ideas of others.


Finding out the unique and original experts is still hard and it will need a bit of your effort to find the right picture framing companies. It is particularly important to do your research if you want to create a stunning photo frame gallery.

Here it is worth mentioning that professional photo framing may cost you some money but the work on the walls will blow your mind. Though we have guided you through the main steps of photo framing, you only need to work on the ideas and leave the rest on the framing exports.


Still, confused?

Here is the kicker for you.


Hire Us For Digital Framing Online For Your Walls

We at Modern Memory Design focus on providing one-of-a-kind solutions to all of your framing needs. We specialize in providing the most personal pictures framed up for a wall photo gallery.


You can hire us for photo framing tasks such as:


  • Printing and Framing Digital Photos | Large Framed Photo Printing | Photo Printing Framing
  • Online printing Photo Prints and Framing photography
  • Custom online printing Personal Photo Prints in Frame
  • Custom framing and printing digital prints of Your Own Photo Framed
  • Custom framing online with your photo prints framed
  • Custom Photo Framed Prints of Your Photo in Frame Online Printing


And much more!


Why choose us?


  • Our experts communicate with your ideas and help you in finding the right design for you that exactly fits your unique framing needs.
  • We are the most affordable in the market and still provide premium quality.
  • With our money-back guarantee, you can get a full refund in case you are not happy with the final products. We guarantee 100% satisfaction.
  • We promise you to provide custom and matted photo prints in modern custom picture frames and always follow your particular requirements. (if any).
  • Our custom picture frames come up in various colors and sizes that will blow your mind.
  • We also have a complete set of unique templates that you can use after consulting with our experts.


Then what are you waiting for?


Contact us today for a FREE consultation with our framing experts.

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