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Everything You Need to Know to Frame a Art Print



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When it comes to memories, you don’t need to be an expert to recognize when one should be included on the wall.  Whether you’re a budding photographer, or simply interested in getting a family portrait up on the living room wall, quality is important.  If you’re interested in learning everything you need to know to frame a print, then the first place to get started is right here at Modern Memory Design, where we walk you through all of the decisions you’ll need to make when it comes to printing the perfect image, and getting it framed properly. 


At Modern Memory Design, our goal is to ensure that you don’t feel like you have to be an expert when it comes to your wall prints, because you can trust us to get you what you need. 


What Does the Image Quality Need to Be For Framed Art Prints?

When it comes to digital photographs that you are interested in printing and framing, then you’ll want to ensure that the image file is as high-quality as possible.  High-Quality photos give you very crisp and vibrant photos that are great for picture printing and framing.  How do you know if you have a high-quality photo?  This all boils down to the image resolution.  This term, image resolution, refers to how many pixels are in the digital file.  The rule of thumb is that the more pixels your photo has, the larger you’ll be able to print the photo without losing resolution.  The preferable DPI or dots per inch for framed art prints or framed photo prints is 300dpi. 


Secondly, a high-quality image is printed in the same aspect ratio as the photo.  In other words, when you take a photo on your phone, you can choose to take pictures in a 1:1 ratio (square) or a 9:16 (widescreen) or even a 3:4 (standard).  If you shoot a photo in a 1:1 ratio, you wouldn’t want to print an 8x10 photo – the photo you print would need to be square, so you would want an 8x8 or a 10x10 print and frame.  You can change the aspect ratio of your photo by cropping it.  Cropping your photo shaves off parts of it so that it goes from a rectangle to a square, or visa versa. 


If you’re looking for a program that you can use to crop your photo into a specific aspect ratio, and also change the dpi, then Photoshop works great.  If you don’t have this program, there are several opensource software options available for download online.  The closest option to photoshop would probably be 

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What Sets Modern Memory Design Apart from the Competition?

There are many customers who choose not to edit their own photos, and instead need a keen eye and someone who is great at mousing around on a computer.  At Modern Memory Design, we believe that every order is a custom order, which means that when you upload your special print to our website you can choose to get in touch with an expert who will tell you whether your photo is high-quality and recommend different sizing options when it comes to printing and framing your photograph.  We specialize in picture printing and framing, and our store has decades of experience working with customers who need large, framed prints.   


Our goal is to make sure that your photos are printed on the highest quality paper, with vivid detail and gorgeous colors.  Our printers are top-rated, and our equipment is top-knotch. Modern Memory Design also offers a plethora of framing options, and we have been providing this service locally here in the United States for many years.  We are a family-owned business based out of Hasbrouck Heights, New Jersey.  We offer photo prints, canvas prints, giclee prints, fine art printing, and photo printing to the services we offer our customers.  Our canvas prints are made with the highest quality canvas and printed with care.  Regardless of what you’re needing printed, we can handle it, and we can put it in a frame that you’ll be glad to hang on your wall. 


Modern Memory Design is a one-stop-shop.  You can print, mat, and frame your photo all in one place.  If you don’t feel confident about what is going to look best, then you can always consult with us, we are happy to help you find the best solution for your framed art prints. 


We know that there are many options out there when it comes to printing and preserving your photos and memories.  We hope that our experience and knowledge over the years is something that you take into consideration when it comes to preserving your memories.  Our goal is to always provide you with the best service possible. Please, don’t hesitate to contact us today and our expert staff will work with you and your budget to deliver professional-quality prints that make a statement about who you are as an artist, photographer, or history preserver.  We look forward to hearing from you and helping your art and memories come to life on paper.  Call, click, or follow us today to hear more about the wonderful opportunities in the world of print!


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