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Frame your memorable item

We use picture frames for artwork, photos and diplomas.

Without a frame, an artistic canvas or even a photograph can lose its value. For the most part, framing art or pictorial creations, however, serves two purposes: to highlight their beauty and to protect them from external agents, including dust. If you choose the right frame, colors, light, and shadows will be more prominent. The frame is integral to the image's aesthetics, regardless of whether it's a photo, a photograph, a canvas or watercolor, as well as a ticket, diploma, or other object. It serves two purposes: it protects the edges of the image and it also plays an important aesthetic function. The frame is actually the ideal space that the artist created in his painting. It separates the static world of painting from the continuous moving one. The frame is a multi-shaped window through which the viewer can see the natural world or the supernatural creations of the artist.



Frames are functional because they protect the art and are easier to replace than original pieces. The problem of how to hang a paper work to the wall is also solved by a frame. Passe-partout, which is a cardboard with no contact between the work of paper and the glass, or the Marie Louise (a thin piece of wood that serves a similar purpose), is used to protect it. This card has a wooden frame, which can be carved or decorated with molding. Frames can be used to frame paintings and create an artful framework. Frames can be used for ornamental purposes, making them art. It takes talent and taste to frame a painting in a perfect way.


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The frame of a photograph separates the momentaneousness from the static nature, protecting and enclosing the ideal universe as the author created it. The frame can be described as a slit. It is a passage that allows the viewer to observe the world created by the artist and often becomes a part of it.



Framing a diploma is a common practice. It can be mounted on the wall in your living room, bedroom or in any office where future realizations are possible. It is often interpreted as a sign of self-centeredness or ostentation by the graduate, but in reality it is a symbol of professionalism and pride. A wall in an office with the certified qualification of a doctor is a sign of scrupulousness, preparation, and care of the interlocutor. A wooden frame is the best way to frame a degree. It should be elegant, not too expensive, and it should not be too baroque.



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