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How much does jersey framing cost

How much does jersey framing cost

You have a sports jersey and you like to have it framed, biggest question you have is how much does jersey framing cost. 

Here is Modern Memory Design jersey framing cost 


Custom framing if you haven't ever stepped your foot in to a brick and mortar frame shop you will find out right away framing is not cheap. Everything when comes to frames in a frame store is custom, custom frame molding, custom mat, even custom glass.

Jersey framing style frame moldingFrame Molding Selection for Jersey framing

Since your framing a jersey youll need to select a style of molding that is more of a shadow box which gives depth for your jersey to hang freely and not against glass. Most simple and cost effective select simple flat profile that is in popular colors like black or white shadow box


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Display Style to frame Jersey 

Next, do you want just your jersey showing in a box frame or you like to add a mat around your jersey or even double mat which will give a little pop of selected color around your frame opening follow with large sum display of a color mat. Matting can get intense as your can go up to even triple mat and its costly too. Most simple framing jersey style is single mat with color your like to complement your jersey. 

Another thing about matting you can have it custom cut to any window opening and even you can include multiple openings to include your action shots from your sport. to keep cost down i would recommend as a framer to keep it simple just have rectangle mat opening with one frame

Jersey frame Backing

What color would your like your mat background to be on ? This selection can be any color and i believe its more fun to have cool color as background vs mat outlining your jersey in the frame. You can pick any color to complement your jersey, think colors in terms of your home and way jersey colors and go with that. shadow box will need walls to hold glass in place and for that color go with same color as your background color

Glass type for framing jersey

If your going to have this jersey for a lifetime so lets protect it , simple regular glass will look ok but not give any protection and have a lot of glare and reflection specially if you choose darker matting for the frame. There is UV protective glass which will protect your jersey from fading , another option is relfective and glare control which is our best recommend , you want a clear display and this glass NON GLARE will give you great display on your wall and worth it vs looking at half jersey and half glared frame. This cost of framing jersey might be pricy but worth it, you will have a clear view.

jersey framing new jersey frame store custom framing new york jersey frame

Jersey Framing Cost Estimate

Frame Molding  $ 300 - 500 more fancy and larger the molding the more costly 

Matting ; Single matting its about $60 per color 

Frame Glass: Regular glass for 30x40 jersey frame ~ $60-$80

                     UV non Glare Glass 30x40 ~$120-180

                    Museum Glass 32x40 ~$200- $400 


Total cost to frame  a jersey can range and its all based on your custom framing option, frame shop will make recommendations but you dont need to do matting or choose special glass. Standard jersey frame in shadow box is about $450 and if you add matting add special glass your cost is about $800-$900.


Framing is a custom craft and very special as this framed jersey will be in your home for a lifetime, jersey framing is a investment that you will cherish and display your home for many years


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