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How to measure picture frame size?

How to measure picture frame size?

It's not enough to take measurements along the image's perimeter. Make an honest guess about the size of your photo so that you can buy a frame with the correct measurements for your art. The mat or the frame itself can obscure the picture you wish to put on display if you don't scrutinize frames before buying them.

What are the considerations before measuring a picture frame?

The dimensions of your image are critical, so be sure you know what they are. A white border may appear around a photograph from time to time. However, most measures do not use this because the mat works better. At the very least, you should see an increase of 1.5 inches in your measurements, if not significantly more. You can estimate the size of your mount based on this information.

The "inner measurement" of most store-bought photo frames refers to the distance between the frames' inner edges. If you're concerned about how the frame will fit in with the rest of your home, you don't have to worry about the overall size of the frame. If your first choices don't work out, you'll have more options if you consider the size of your photos. You may want to increase the frame size before hanging a large painting for many reasons.

A photo restoration center is the best place to start if you have a photo in lousy shape or need to be resized for your photo frames. Some things you can do with photo editing are added artwork, change the way colors are fading, and fix areas that are too dark.

How to get the measurements of a picture frame?

The measurement may be taken easily by laying the frame's face-down on a flat surface. Throw away any screws, backing boards, or art left behind. The glass, the backer, and the mounting will all stay in place because of the frame's groove. A 4x6 photo, for example, necessitates the use of a 4x6 frame. The length and width of a frame's opening are its measurements. The margins are commonly misunderstood as a measure of size.

However, you should take a measurement of the outside edge. Regardless of the frame's overall size, a 4x6 photo will fit perfectly. The advantages of the picture will overlap more with some frames than others. Wood and metal molding profile drawings are available on their respective pages.

You can put anything in all frames except those in the Shadowbox Frame Series, which have a tolerance of 1/8" on each side.

Final thoughts:

When making a display for your home, it's essential to view the frame's material, the photos' level of detail, and the size of the matting around them. You can resize, crop, and change the proportions of your images to fit perfectly in any picture frame. A lot of people come to us because we do great work and make the frame selection process easy. Please get in touch with Modern Memory Design right away if you need a lovely picture frame.


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