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Ordering Photo Frames Online - Modern Memory Design Picture frames - NJ Frame shop Custom framing

Ordering Photo Frames Online

 When it comes to simplicity and convenience, ordering photo frames online is usually the go-to method for today’s savvy shopper.  When you order online though, it is difficult to know whether the frames you’re getting are the same quality as you would get if you were going into a custom framing shop.  Custom frames always deliver excellent results that look so much nicer than off-the-rack frames.  If you’re looking for a way to combine the ease of ordering online with the quality of a brick-and-mortar picture frame shop, then here are a few tips to help you recognize what to look for when you place your online order. 

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When Should You Use an Online Framing Service?

Many of our customers wonder why custom photo frames, or custom picture frames are better.  The simple answer is that custom frames, even print and frame photos that are ordered online, offer you many more options when it comes to enhancing your artwork, treasures, mementos, and photos.  If you’re looking for customization you need a custom picture frame shop, if you’re looking for convenience then you need to be able to order online.  The two aren’t mutually exclusive though, there are many shops that offer both options, such as Modern Memory Design


How Can You Tell If the Online Service is Legitimate?

When it comes to your online photo frame order, and the photo frame design, you want to make sure that when you place your order, it’s going to a real person in a picture frame shop.  This can be difficult to see sometimes, because often websites will say “custom photo frames” but only offer you a few choices.  One truly definitive way to tell if the online service you’re working with is a legitimate business that can offer you fantastic custom frames online, is by looking at the different options that are available and ensuring that you can truly order a frame that is any size.  Legitimate sites like Modern Memory Design will also have descriptions on their different custom frames that include phrases like “hand crafted.”  You’ll be able to see differences in color, size, material, and more with custom frames from a genuine picture frame shop. 

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What Other Options are Included When it Comes to Ordering Photo Frames Online?

When it comes to ordering photo frames online, you should not only be able to order standard size frames, but you should be able to order a frame in any size.  This is known as custom sized picture frames.  Additionally, you should be able to add matting to your frame, and you should be able to have the shop print your photo, art, or art printed then custom framed all in one place.  The finished product should be crafted from solid wood, include v-nails, glue, foam core board backing, and include options for either glass, acrylic, or plexiglass protection.  Lastly, your custom frame should always come with the hardware necessary to hang the photo frame included and installed. 


Why Choose Modern Memory Design for My Custom Picture Frames?

At Modern Memory Design, we believe that custom photo frames are an art that deserve to be done right.  We work with custom picture frames, custom photo frames, custom canvas frames, and custom poster frames in many different sizes.  We offer you the option to order a frame that works best for your specific piece and will go out of our way to ensure that it looks gorgeous before we send it to you.  Each of our custom size frames is handcrafted using only high-quality materials that are designed to last a lifetime. 


At Modern Memory Design, we use specialized tools and techniques, along with real wood, to ensure that your pieces don’t get damaged.  We are also located right here in the USA, so you know that the product you are receiving is made with experience and care.  The glass that is used in custom frames is usually a little thicker than what you will find in the store, and since custom frames can be made for almost any size, then they can fit in custom spaces.  If you are looking for quality products that are hand-built and customized to your specifications, then look no further, we have what you need.  Feel free to talk to one of our experienced experts today if you have more questions, we are happy to help.  We also have a lot of tips, tricks, and information available on our blog.  We encourage you to look around.



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