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Thin Blue Line Back the blue Police Officer Gifts - Modern Memory Design Picture frames - NJ Frame shop Custom framing

Thin Blue Line Back the blue Police Officer Gifts

Thin Blue Line Back the blue

There is something different about the road than before, it is easy to spot if you are looking in the right place. Next time you’re passing a police station turn your eye to the middle of the road. Do you see something different than any time before? Between the double yellow lines separating traffic on the road you will find a line of blue right in the middle. Line of blue on the road is representing “thin blue line” in support for the police and law enforcement officers.

Thin blue line symbolizes an iconic position of police in society as the force which holds back chaos, allowing order and civilization to thrive dating back to 1800s. The "blue" in "thin blue line" refers to the blue color of the uniforms of many police departments today.

No matter who you ask thin blue line symbol/emblem represents our law Enforcement officers nationwide. In the car driving or at a large public gathering you will come across something that incorporates thin blue line to show support for the police offices: Flags outside homes, t-shirts with emblem,  and even bumper stickers on the car.

Police Officer Gifts

Modern Memory Design a print and frame shop has created one unique item to support each and every law enforcement officers. Customized Thin Blue line flag framed artwork is personalized with law enforcement  officers Last name, badge number, the year they started their police officer career and police department they serve. This artwork is something that will live in a home for a lifetime. If you are a police officer we encourage you to visit the site for a free design mock up right on the website. Family and friends of law enforcement officer we like to share this thin blue line flag as gift idea. You can look at one artwork and never think of it again and there is other work that you see for a moment and remember for a lifetime.

January 9th of every year is National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day to Support your law enforcement in your community and nationwide. Cities all around United States organize unique event to bring support and awareness to your community. Here are few ways you can take part in this special day:

  • Wear blue on January 9th
  • Share a positive police story you have from your past
  • Send a message to your law Enforcement family & friends
  • Hang a thin blue line flag outside your home
  • Send or gift a thank you card to your police department
  • Organize blood drive or a rally in support of your law enforcement officers.

Most importantly if you see a police officer not only on January 9th thank a police officer for their service

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