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What are different picture frame sizes?

What are different picture frame sizes?

The sizes of picture frames varies and it's true that not every frame is the same. There are both bigger and smaller sizes. Before making a choice, it's important to think about what's in the frame. When choosing a frame for a family photo, it's best to go with a bigger one. If you want to put a picture of your beloved pet in a frame, you might choose a smaller frame.

How many picture frame sizes are there?

In terms of both size and design, picture frames are available in a broad range of options.The most common size for picture frames is 8x10 inches. Along with 4x6-inch and 5x7-inch prints, you can now get 8x10-inch and 5x7-inch prints. It's important because it tells how big a photo can be that can be framed.

Extra-wide frames are 4 inches wide, while tall frames' width and height are 5 inches. A standard frame is 2.25 inches wide and 3.5 inches tall. For example, there are different sizes of square, round, and oval frames.

4×6 frame size:

The most common size for 35mm photos is 4x6 inches, which is the size of a standard picture frame. People use 4x6 photos for many different things, like family portraits and abstract art. This is how big most books for kids are. If your picture is 4x6, you will need a frame that is a little bit bigger. If there is more matting around the picture, it will look bigger. You can buy 4x6 picture frames from Modern memory design easily.

You can make collages on your walls or decorate your wall shelves with 4x6 picture frames. Because this picture frame size is so common, it will make any picture look better. Choose frames that match your walls' style and colour to ensure that your framed pictures and wall art go with the rest of your home's decor.

5×7 Frame size:

This is the best choice if the main subject of your photo is a person. It is a little bit bigger, which makes them easier to see. Depending on the mat's thickness, you can put a 5x7 print in different frames.

Because 5x7 prints aren't as common as other sizes, they will stand out. Prints of photos can be put on the wall with other wall art because they are small enough to be seen in full. If you can't find a 5x7 picture frame, visit the modern memory design.

8×10 Frame size:

Because 8x10 photos are bigger than 4x6 and 5x7 photos, they are often used for both group photos and portraits of one person. This is the usual size for portraits of graduates to be displayed in the hall. Different frames for an 8x10 photo are based on how big or small you want it to look. Feel free to visit Modern memory design to buy an 8X10 frame for your pictures.

A high-quality 8x10 photo print is perfect for hanging a single picture on the wall. You can make your frames stand out by making them fit the event or picture they hold. When you frame a graduation picture, you might want to add a design or tassel to remind you of how hard the graduate worked to get there.

Final words:

Put photo frames all over your house to show off special memories. There are many ways to show off photos, using different kinds of frames. When you put a picture with a canvas in a frame, you can do it in the nicest way possible. You can figure out the right size of the frame you want to buy with a piece of cardboard and a ruler. If you want to buy custom frames following your requirements, then make sure to contact us.



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