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Why are picture frames so expensive? - Modern Memory Design Picture frames - NJ Frame shop Custom framing

Why are picture frames so expensive?

Why are picture frames so expensive?

visiting frame shop locally might overwhelmingly shock you the price for the custom picture frame you like completed. Frames prices comes from 2 major aspects: style & size 

Why are picture frames so expensive? Style

In your lifetime you seen thousands of picture frames that had all been unique one with modern clean look as sold by or ornate which has handcrafted craftsmanship to the frame to give it very unique look. Traditional frames are simple clean look, farmhouse wood frames or vintage look. No matter what style is selected the picture frame becomes more expensive in each class as style and size mix and match for your photo frame

Why are picture frames so expensive? Size 

any frame shop you enter will ask for size which dirives the price to be more expensive when size is larger for example 16x20 picture frame will be more expensive frame vs 11x14 frame.each frames length and how wide will make frame more or less expensive 

in closing your custom picture frame at your local frame shop will be expensive if size and style is unique and large in size. Best is to visit custom picture frame shop online for custom picture framing any size 3x3 inch up to 48x48 

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