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Modern Memory Design frame store takes great pride in the quality and craftsmanship of our wooden picture framing products. Attention to design, materials, safety and construction is our priority. Upon receipt, please inspect your frame order and notify us of any damage; we will arrange for a prompt replacement.

Modern Memory Design is your framed wall art and online custom picture frame shop Made in USA based in Lodi, New Jersey. Home interior decorative wall frame decor for your living room bedroom kitchen dining room bathroom bar hotel restaurant office decor. Online custom framing contemporary wooden frame to preserve precious moments or keepsake photo gift idea for frame shop is destination for standard picture frame size or common frame size from 3x3” inch frame up to 48x48” inch poster frame.

Our custom framing

Frame shop for your home

Welcome to Modern Memory Design yourCustom framing picture frame shop located at 246 Boulevard Hasbrouck Heights NJwe are your destination for picture framing with excellent service and use of premiumquality in custom framing. Customframing is craftsmanship of a picture frame to you photo, poster or art size,once you visit a frame shop, custom framer will measure and advise you on thecustom frame molding the offer and recommend. Where to get custom framing doneyou can visit our local frame shop in Hasbrouck height New Jersey Modern Memorydesign picture frames or you can order custom picture framing online viawebsites like custom framing prices can be found on ourcustom framing website frame shop.Shop Custom Picture Frames, Canvas Floater Frames, PosterFrames, Art and Canvas Prints. Picture Framing pricescan be found on our custom framing website frame shop


Picture Frame sizes?


Here are most popular frame sizes; 4x6 frame, 5x7 frame,8x10 frame,11x14frame,14x18 frame,16x20 frame,18x24 frame,20x30 frame,24x36 frame, 30x40 frame.Some of the popular custom framing sizes that are done are the large standardpicture frame sizes 24 x 36 Inch, 36 x 36 inch, 48 x 48 inch, 24 x 24 inch, 20x 30 inch, 24 x 30 inch, 48 x 72 inch, 36 x 42 inch




What is custom framing?

custom framing is craftsmanship of picture frames for canvas, forjerseys for needlework for posters for paintings for art for artwork formirrors



How much does framing usually cost?Iscustom framing worth it? is custom framing expensive and how much it costs? andwhy custom framing so expensive


Custom framing and picture frames are all based on the size andstyle of framing your like along with anything extra you like to add to theframe, Typically framing is based on per foot basis. Average per foot price is $8dollars per foot up to $200 dollars. Simple 11x14 picture framing should cost $30to $60


How long does custom framing? Framing is a customcraftmanship and it takes typically 1 to 2 weeks, it all depends on the framesize, frame molding delivery, and matting you use for your framing.


Why is custom picture framing soexpensive?Every picture frame is different,framing is expensive because of the craftsmanship and material used, Whencrafting custom frame you need to account for ; Molding, picture matting, glassand any other material to use. Matting used around your photo, frame moldingcolor and style look, Glass front glazing you use multiplestyles of glass from uv protective glass to non glare glass


How do you professionally frame apicture?Best way to frame your photo to be professionalframe is by adding matting around your art in , use molding that is nonstandard from flat profile, and use glazing that is high quality to protect yourphoto


How picture frames are made? Photo frames are made by cuttingwood molding with saw framing miter  into outer size of the photo your looking to frame, glass is also cut by afletcher 3000 or glass tool and included in the frame is also foam backing



How do you professionally frame art?Find a picture frame shop near you to have professionalframer give your estimate and advise on what kind of molding to use and anymatting recommendations. Most frame stores offer free estimate and advise on professionallyframe art.


How do you cut a mat for frames?Mat cutting is mainly done by Classic matcutter that has a ruler and blade to give you a beveled or straight cut on the matyour cutting


How much does it cost to have acanvas stretched and framed? To have canvas stretched you will spend between $40 up to $200,24x36 canvas would cost you about $100 to stretch, framing stretched canvaswould cost $100 to $500 all based on size you need frame. Canvas can framed infloating picture frame or deep rabbet frame that covers edge of the frame vsexposing the entire canvas In floating frame.


How hang picture frames?

Picture frames come table top or wall hanging, when it come tohanging frame on the wall you’ll require a nail or wall anchor which can bepurchased at Home depot also youll need to makre sure frame has hanging kitinstalled on the back of the frame ; saw tooth hanger or d ring with wire


What do you call the framingaround a picture? Frameis matted in different color around your photo followed with frame molding toclose in your art or photo.



How picture frames are measured? When it comes to frame sizes somepicture frames are measured in inches (in) and some are measured in centimeters(cm). frame measurements are done by looking at the back opening area of theframe.


What picture frames are in style? All pictureframes are in style it all matters on your own style you like to have in yourhome, modern style is flat prolife frames in basic black white or wood tones,traditional framing is more classic gold picture frames with design on theframe with slight u share design or scoop molding profile



what color picture frames should i get? Most popularframe color that is use is black frames, white frames or gold picture framecolor

where buy picture frames online or custom framing online ModernMemory Design Picture frames or you can visit localframe shop in Hasbrouck heights New Jersey who makes custom picture frames anysize any color for bathroom, bedroom


Picture frames acrylic vs glass? You have a choice to make when itcomes to framing, if you like glass we recommend to choose real glass forpicture frames in low traffic areas or smaller sizes under 24 inch, use acryliccustom framing for frames larger than 24 inch and that are in high trafficareas in your home for safety plexiglass is good for picture frames are theclarity and look is very close to glass