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Best Custom Photo Picture Frames of the moment: Buying Guide

The best photo frames of the moment: Buying Guide

A photo frame is the best way to show others a work of art, your best family memories, or perhaps an award that you are proud of, instead of keeping it in a photo album.


However, with so many options on the market, it can be difficult to know which model suits us. In this complete guide we will help you so that you know well what to take into account when choosing the perfect photo frame.


The photo frame

A frame is the protective and decorative element of the photograph. It serves to expose the image safely, while separating it from its environment or integrating it aesthetically with it.


Photo frames can be placed on top of a piece of furniture or hung on the wall, depending on the type chosen.


The best photo frames of 2021

There are many different models on the market that can complicate the purchase decision. The following products have been selected as the best of the moment.


The best value for money

This photo frame will give your home a touch of class. It has a metal wire with floating glass that holds the photos so that you can expose them wherever you want. It can be positioned horizontally or vertically. In addition, you decide where you place it, as it can be hung on the wall or put on a desk.


The best high-end model

Show others your photographs and works of art with this frame with which you can place several pieces in the form of a collage. Includes glass front, mat and cardboard back. It is very easy to assemble and you can put it in your home or office, or even give it to whoever you want. Thanks to its simple design, it will not distract from photographs


The best cheap model

Acrylic frame with magnetic, double-sided transparent. You can use it as a single or double side. Additionally, images can be displayed either horizontally or vertically, ideal for viewing memories. It has a tough and solid finish.


Comparison of the best photo frames

Next, we present a comparative analysis with the four best photo frames of the moment with their most outstanding characteristics.


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Why buy a photo frame?

Photo frames are items that we can see in almost every home we visit. It is an element that serves to expose our memories and makes us relive those special moments with our loved ones.


Displaying photos or artwork

The frame separates the artwork from its surroundings and can help focus the viewer's attention on what is truly important. At the same time, you can unite a work with its surroundings by forming a transition or a link with other works or with the wider environment.


It is the ideal element that helps you preserve and display the special moments of your life with your loved ones, but you can also place illustrations, prints or other artistic samples that you want to exhibit. You can place or hang it at home or in the office so that your memories are contemplated by all and you always have it visible.


To decorate the rooms

In addition to serving as support for your most precious memories with your family, friends or in incredible places, frames can also be important pieces in the decoration of a room.


Today, there are many models that adapt perfectly to the design of your home or each room in your house and complement it very well.


There are both wooden frames for more rustic environments and elegant and minimalist frames to create a contemporary image. Thanks to the great variety, it will not cost you anything to find the one that best fits your case.


To frame memories

Throughout our lives, we collect special moments that are important to us for some reason or another. We live experiences that we could never have imagined, we meet wonderful people or we receive the arrival of a new life with enthusiasm. Therefore, we feel the need to immortalize all those memories with a camera or with the same mobile phone . And there is nothing better than displaying them in a photo frame to be able to relive them on a day-to-day basis and remember them fondly.


Photo frames on sale today

If you are looking for a photo frame, this is your moment. Take advantage of the latest promotions and get it at the best price among the following models.

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How to choose a photo frame?

So that you can make a good purchase, we explain all the aspects that you must take into account when purchasing a photo album.


The size

An important step when buying a frame is to take into account the photo you plan to place in it. This ensures that it fits perfectly within the frame. The correct measurements are essential for the photo to fit well in the frame. These are some of the most common:

Here you will find your Picture frame sizes you need 

The material

Wood and metal are the two main materials you'll find in quality frames, although there are other options that are generally made of plastic materials. In wooden frames, the most traditional option, you will find the following:


Solid wood. It is usually the most expensive option and the one that needs the most maintenance.


Medium density fibreboard (MDF). It is one of the most affordable options. As this is a recycled wood material, essentially made from sawdust compressed with some type of binder and wrapped for a uniform finish, it is often the most environmentally friendly option.

Finger-joint poplar. It tends to be the best compromise between solid wood and MDF. Although it is still a recycled wood material like MDF, it is more like solid wood.


As for metal frames, most are made of aluminum, a lightweight material that can be extruded, molded, and colored. You'll find a wide variety of metal frames that vary in color, thickness, and style.


On the other hand, the material of the cover must also be taken into account, which is the one that will be in contact with the photograph and will protect it from dust and other particles in the environment. Frame covers are typically made from one of two types of materials: glass or acrylic.


Glass cover. Glass is probably the most traditional option, although it is also the most fragile. It is less susceptible to scratches.

Acrylic cover. Acrylic is becoming a popular choice as it is more durable and lightweight.


Where it will be placed

When choosing a frame, an important factor that you will have to consider is where it will be placed. It not only depends on the room in which you want to put the frame, but also if it is going to hang on the wall or put or rest on a surface, either on a shelf or on a table or others.


For each room, there are many different variables that you will have to consider. These guidelines will help you get an idea; Although, at the end of the day, you will have to choose one that fits the decoration, according to your own tastes and preferences.



You will be surprised how many finishes are available in these accessories to put photos, sheets or drawings. In addition to choosing the material that best suits your style or your needs, you will find different designs with decorations, painted, stained, natural lacquered, aged, brushed, etc. In this case, the room where you are going to place it also influences, as well as the type of photo or the feeling you want to convey with it.


The different models of photo frame

There are several different types of photo frames that can be found on the market. They are as follows:


Hanging model

One option that many households resort to is to opt for models that can be hung on the wall and thus decorate different rooms. The good news is that today there are many original ways to hang photos on the wall, not just the classic frame.


Some models allow several photos to be placed in the same frame as if it were a collage, in others the photos are placed with small tweezers or with strings. All these multiple models will add a special touch to any room.


Table model

The table model is the typical frame with support to place on any surface. There are them in different materials and sizes, although in this case they are usually smaller than those that are hung on the wall.


Within this group you will also find very original designs that move away from the traditional frame idea. An example is the rotating Balvi Kube, which presents your photos in an original and dynamic way with its rotating function. You can place up to 6 different images on a single support.


Opinion: Choosing the right model can be a bit overwhelming at times, but with all the information above you can make a good decision. It is convenient that you evaluate well the characteristics of the model, such as the material or the way in which the photos are placed.


Best selling photo frame

The following table shows a selection of the best-selling models of the moment in this category. Don't miss them!

 Here you will find photo frames 


How much does a photo frame cost?

As always, the price is usually one of the most important points, and probably the one that will determine the final decision. However, in the market you can find very affordable models, without necessarily having to compromise on quality or design.


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How to hang a photo frame?

When hanging the frame you can follow these recommendations that will help you make it perfect. Taking the measurements properly is essential to avoid making holes in vain and so that it is not crooked. In this case you can help yourself with a level or measure directly with the tape measure from the ground.


You can use the easy-stick adhesive hangers, which avoid unsightly holes in the walls, or opt for the traditional studs and spikes. These are some of the options for hanging a frame depending on its size:


For small frames a single clamp will suffice.

When the frame is medium it must have two attachment points. In this case, special care must be taken with the distance between them and they will be placed on the side moldings and never on the upper one to distribute the weight on the frame and not deform.


For very large and heavy frames, the correct thing to do is to put three or four anchors. Two on the sides (as in the case of medium squares) and another ring or two on the lower trim that will serve as support.


How to decorate a photo frame?

In general, the frames that we find in the market with more attractive designs are those that can be more expensive.


But don't worry, if you are good at crafts, you can choose a simpler frame and turn it into a work of art to your liking that will catch the attention of all your guests.


You can create a unique frame with other materials or objects that you have around the house, or that cost you very little to get. Here are some ideas that you might find useful, get the glue ready!


You can create a frame from scratch with popsicle sticks. You will need glue and decorative tapes called washi tapes or colored paints.


If you have a simple wooden or plastic frame, you can give it an original touch by sticking pebbles or buttons of different colors on it.


Another idea that will give it a classic and unique touch is to decorate the frame with bottle corks. You can also pick up little tree twigs and glue them around your frame.

Another very simple idea is to paint the entire painting in one color and only place the decoration in one of the corners.

As you can see, there are many options available to completely change your old photo frame. Let your imagination fly and surprise everyone.

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