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Wall Hanging Professional Service New Jersey New York City

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Wall Hanging Professional Service New Jersey New York City

Call us today for Picture Frame and wall Hanging Service in New Jersey New York City for your home decor.
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Call us today for Picture Frame and wall Hanging Service in New Jersey New York City for your home decor.

Do the empty walls of your house give off an under-furnished vibe to your house's ambiance?

Why wouldn't they? Walls are made not just to hold your house together. They, too, deserve some glamour for all the support they give you. (Pun intended)

From delicate metal hangings to paintings of faraway lands, which serve as memories of the wonderful times you spent, the options of wall hangings are infinite. 


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Wall Hanging NJ NYC

A house is made a home when a personal connection is built with the cemented building. What is a better way to make this emotional connection than adorning all the walls surrounding you with items that give meaning and purpose to your life? 

Wall hangings and the perfect morning start

Waking up to the motivational neon sign that hangs on the front wall of your bed will give you the extra boost to wake up and have a passionate start.

Likewise, the clock hanging in your bathroom will keep you on schedule, while the affirmation plagues attached next to your bathroom window give you a surge of confidence. 

All the photographs attached down your staircase will serve as reminders of all the people worth every struggle and all the good that always manages to brighten up even the darkest times.

Having breakfast next to the calm green scenery painting will absorb in itself the nervous energy, setting a calm and positive aura around you. 

You then take your car keys from the hanging key stand without the hustle of thinking and finding where you kept them the day before.

This is how the simple addition of wall hangings can give your day an excellent and productive outlook. 

The Challenge and the solution 

Hanging meaningful items on the walls is not as simple as it looks.

The wall hanging procedure can be a very tedious task. From finding the position, equipment, and place to the fear of ruining your beautifully painted walls, it is indeed way more stressful than it looks. 

But lucky you! You are at the perfect place at the ideal time because Modern Memory Design comprises a group of professionals who are ready to have your wall-hanging needs covered. All you have got to do is to sit back and start adding all beautiful and personalized wall hangings that match your vibe. 

We will choose the best place in your house, the best equipment, the best aesthetic, and most importantly, the best proportion to even the smallest of your wall hanging because we are the wall experts. 

As wall experts, we firmly believe that the intricate process of wall hanging should be left to workers with the skill and experience they have spent years honing.

Your house is the representation of your personality and the place where people come to meet you. Therefore, you should never take a risk on your walls just because you think that the wall hanging procedure is an easy task that you can do perfectly and save money.

Be aware that you will have to spend a lot more money getting a wall fixed, which you accidentally ruined because you thought you did not need professional wall hanging services. 

Wall hangings that will add value to your life 

Mentioned below is the list of wall hangings we are experts in placing and fixing in your life, why you need them, and how we make sure they are the perfect fix. 

  1. Photographs

Photographs add a comforting touch to your house. You can revisit all the times you felt blessed to be alive.


You can keep the memory alive of people that no longer exist in your life so that every day when you pass down those hallways, you feel the same wind brushing past your hair that takes you years back.


Our experts will work on custom-made frames that go perfectly with the size you want. Moreover, our interior designer will work with you on every possible arrangement that uses various sizes and materials of frames that bring out the aesthetic of your house. 


You can even flex your certificates or that fancy degree you spent hundreds of hours and dollars on with the perfect frame that complements both your effort and goes with remaining décor. 


Our frames will be made per your customization because your choice is the only choice that matters to us. 


  1. Paintings

Have you completed the painting you have spent months working on or are you an art enthusiast that bought it from an exhibition?


No matter where it came from, a painting is a beautiful way to add a sophisticated look to your home. 

After the artist is done painting, their work is done there. They cannot evaluate the position where it will look even more spectacular when displayed.


This is where we come!


Not only will we choose the best possible place, but we will make sure that such a valuable piece is treated with utmost sensitivity and delicacy. If you are worried about the safety after these paintings are displayed, don't worry. 


Our safety hangers come with a lock. Now, whether the painting is displayed in public, museum, exhibition, or even your child's room, it is safe.


It will still show the same glory but simultaneously save you from theft or impact in case it falls off. 


  1. Shelves

Shelves are the elegant fix to your crammed cupboards. With floating shelves, you can arrange your novels and everyday essentials in a beautiful approachable manner. You can even place souvenirs and decoration pieces that will give your room a trendy vibe. 


Adjusting shelves is undoubtedly a difficult task but not for us!


We are all set on the perfect hardware, from saw teeth to D-rings that will go about on every wall surface.


Our precision and proportion ensure that your shelf is appropriately aligned and does not tilt in a particular direction. 

Additionally, our professionals carry out load tests to ensure that it does not fall off due to any weak connection, which is the most common problem associated with self-adjustment.


No one would want a shelf occupied with things to fell on the floor, or worse, their heads, tearing open not just the head but also breaking the delicate pieces displayed on the shelf! 


  1. Metallic Hangings

Clocks, key holders, cloth hangers, flower hangings, etc., are small metal hanging additions to your walls that will add a contemporary and productive touch. 


Metal wall arts have set a new trend. The market is now filled with metal plaques, metal frame sculptures, and galvanized décor items such as signs, industrial wheels, etc., that take your interior design to a whole new level. 


While metal is a risky material to hang, it can cause severe damage in case of a fall, including floor damage. That is why our professionals work skillfully after great scrutiny to save you from any future severe damage. 


Whatever material you choose to place on your wall, we will find a way to adjust it securely and amplify its aesthetics to make your place look spacious and wonderful. 


Why choose us? 

Modern Memory Design owes its great success in the past years to the following reasons:


Our company's mission has always been to prioritize our clients over our profits. Placing wall hangings is not just the only task; winning our clients' satisfaction and comfort has always been our primary goal.

That is why we are available in the shortest time after our clients reach out to us. 

Elite market position 

We take pride in providing the best wall hanging service in New Jersey with the most incredible experience. We are always on a new quest to improve ourselves.

Our reliability, responsiveness, and perseverance have given us an unparalleled position in the market. 

Diverse client pool

Over the years, we have worked for major corporate sectors, exhibition set-ups, museums, homes, and government buildings. Our varied client pool vouches for our excellent quality and dedication. Moreover, our services are open to every resident of every profession in New Jersey. 

We know our walls 

Angled, cemented, brick, marbles, or sticky surfaces, we know just how to pass through them.

Our professionals have theoretically studied every wall type and physically worked on them in their long experience. Hence, they are aware of what will intensify the look and security of any wall surface they come across. 

Top-notch equipment

Quality over quantity is our other core value. This is why we have invested considerable sums in top-of-the-line equipment so that we have a solution to all your wall problems. 


We have a strict transparency policy, so we update our clients at every step of the procedure and brief them about any potential dangers. 

Isn't that what you have been looking for? So, why wait any longer? Contact us now for the best wall hanging service in New Jersey!