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How to Hang Picture Frames?

Home decor is indeed an exciting experience. However, when it comes to decorating the walls, it can be hectic because choosing the right trinket for your wall out of the numerous choices can be very confusing.

In this matter, picture frames serve us right because of their decent and minimalist look. However, the vendetta of choosing between diverse frame finishes, display modes, and materials continue.

Apart from choosing the most fitting frames for your wall, the most critical matter is to decide how to hang them. After all, the constant fear of messing up your precious walls encompasses you.

Therefore, expert advice from experienced interior designers is what helps avoid any mishaps while hanging your frames.

Whether it is a single large picture frame or a group of small frames that you need to hang, put your hands on the right tools, and you are good to go!

So, do you want to learn more about picture frames and their hanging techniques? You've come to the right place!

Without further ado, let's dive in to learn about the types of picture frames to help you choose the right one for your room.

Types of Picture Frames

Each picture frame is unique in its way. If you want a customary look for your room, go for wooden frames. If you're more into contemporary looks, go for the metal or plastic ones.

A necessary point to note is that the material of a frame should complement the furniture in your room to avoid any mismatches.

So, let's learn about the various types of picture frames and how they are unique from one another.

1.     Gallery Frames

The distinctive property of gallery frames is that they use a mat to give off a frame-in-frame effect that attracts an eye inwards to see the insides of a frame. Such frames are suitable to hang in staircases and hallways to garner the attention of visitors.

2.     Poster Frames

These are the simplest types of frames that focus mainly on the art rather than the frame. They can either have a plain frame or no frame at all. Art posters are generally embedded under glass so that a viewer's attention remains only towards the artwork and not the frame.


3.      Floating Frames

The thing that makes floating frames stand out is their transparency. They are made up of glass or acrylics that give the impression that the picture is floating on the wall. They provide a modern and minimalist look to your wall by making it the center of attention.


4.     Canvas Frames

Placing canvas into frames is a great way to amp up your walls with precious artworks. The tiny gap between a canvas embedded in a frame gives a striking effect to it.


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A Guide on How to Hang Picture Frames

After you've chosen the perfect picture frame for your wall, the next fretting task is to learn where and how to hang it.

Let us now discuss a few essential techniques that must be kept in mind while hanging picture frames on a wall.

1.     Gather the Right Tools

Home decor is impossible without appropriate tools. The main tools required in this process are nails, hammer, pencil, painter's tape, spirit level, and hanging hardware.


The key point to notice while purchasing the hanging hardware is that the size of the hardware must complement the size of your frame. For example, a large frame supported by small hanging hardware may cause it to lean sideways.

A spirit level ensures that the level you marked on the wall before hammering a nail is perfectly horizontal. This prevents the frame from leaning sideways.

2.     Mark the Correct Positions

Before you start the drilling process, you need to ensure how exactly you want to place the frames. It's your call to either align them in a row, column, or a random group.

After that, measure the dimensions of your frames using a tape measure or a ruler. If you wish to secure the frame using a nail, mark the central point of the frame on the wall and ensure it is level with the ground using a spirit level.


If you are using hanging hardware, measure its dimension and secure it to the wall with reference to the frame's dimensions.

Moreover, appropriate spacing between a group of frames contributes a lot to the visuals of a wall.

Hanging frames too close can make them look like a mere cluster and confuse a viewer. Spacing them too far will give a view of isolation. Therefore, perfect spacing is the key to beautiful wall decor.

If you want your measurements to be accurate and precise, consider using painter's tape instead of a tape measure or ruler.

3.     Hammer and Hang

After making all the appropriate markings, grab your hammer or turn the drilling machine on and start drilling!

There are certain points to note before you start drilling.

Firstly, ensure that the area where you want to hang your frame is free of any pipelines or electrical wirings. Secondly, choose an appropriate size of a nail. If your frame is large and heavy, use a bigger nail or screw and vice versa.

Subsequently, place a hook and hang your frame by gently lowering it to avoid cracks in the wall. To ensure your frame is horizontal, use a spirit level.

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The Bottom Line

Hanging picture frames is the pinnacle of home decor. This is the point when you finally get to see the overall look of your place.

Investing a little half of your time in hanging frames can make a huge difference since unplanned and poorly positioned decor items can reduce the visual attraction of a place.

Moreover, a discrepancy between wall art and room furniture is something that you should always avoid. Therefore, choosing the right frame and knowing how to hang it is a vital task.

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