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How to Wire a framed picture?

How to Wire a framed picture?

When done right, it's as easy as pie to hang a picture frame. But if the basic rules aren't followed, bad things could happen! This video shows how to hang a standard picture frame with rope and D-strings. Putting a soft cloth or something similar down first on a flat surface helps keep the frame from moving. To get your picture framed, please visit the modern memory design.

Step 1.

Place the picture frame on a clean, flat surface so that the glass is facing away from you. Use your ruler and pencil to draw a line one-third down from the top edge of the picture frame on the other side.

Step 2.

Using a ruler and a pencil, draw lines on the back of the picture frame. The picture frame will always be absolutely horizontal if you follow these directions.

Step 3.

A screwdriver should place the first hanger with a hinge on the first pencil mark. The point of the triangle must be facing inward. Screwdrivers may be used to insert the hook with the hinge into the back of the picture frame.

It's conceivable that you'll have to use a lot of force with the screwdriver to get the screw to go through the wood. After that, you may use the supplied screw to attach the first hinge hanger.

Step 4:

Once assembled, use the screwdriver to secure the second hinged hanger to the second pencil mark. The point of the triangle must be facing inward. To get the screwdriver into the wood of the picture frame, you may need to use a large amount of power.

Step 5:

Tie two knots in the wire after taking it from the roll and passing it through the first hinged hanger in the shape of a triangle. The extra wire may be trimmed or twisted back into itself once you have made the double knot.

Step 6:

Hinge the end of the loose wire through the triangular hanger. Pull on the wire to tighten it up and remove any slack. It is essential to relax the wire slightly before tying the double knot. The wire may then be tied twice to hold it in place.

Step 7:

You may prevent loose wires from unwinding and falling out by twisting them. The hinges will be secure if the wire is pulled in both directions and knotted in the middle. An arc might be formed if the wire is allowed to bend. Perhaps all that is required is to untie a double knot and you will be on the road to recovery.

Step 8:

A screwdriver may help you look for loose screws and fix the problem if you come across one. Double-check that the hinges are correctly put and properly placed before using. If you want to keep your picture frame in place, attach some felt stickers or blue tack in both the bottom left and lower right corners.

Final words:

Hanging a frame on the wall with the help of a string is easy if you follow the steps mentioned above. You must first connect the hook to the wall before hanging the artwork. Have patience if it takes many attempts to get the wire to remain on the wall hook. Use a level right soon after it's been hung to ensure it's appropriately hung.

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