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Your Art Printed on any Material by Print and Frame Shop - Modern Memory Design Picture frames - NJ Frame shop Custom framing

Your Art Printed on any Material by Print and Frame Shop

Are you an artist?  Do you draw, paint, or create digital art?  Perhaps you are an NFT artist and you would like to print some recreations? has created the perfect way for you to do this.  We now offer many new printing options including giclee prints which are created using the highest quality equipment to produce an accurate and vibrant image, allowing it to be printed on almost any material.  Using the photo printing service at your art can be printed into traditional photo prints, canvas prints, and giclee prints. 


More and more artists, especially with the latest NFT movement, are choosing to sell reproduction prints as part of their art sales.  Instead of producing a singular piece of art, then only being able to sell it once, artists are choosing to create several high-quality prints and then sell them as a part of their inventory, allowing them to share the pieces that they create with more than a single audience. 


What are Fine Art Prints?


A printed image is considered a fine art print when it is produced by the artist following an original design.  It is then printed in only limited quantities.  An artist takes their original drawing, painting, or other art, and uses professional scanning services to pick up on the most intricate details so that it can be reprinted in stunning detail.   Fine art prints are the best way to showcase your professional art, and they are created with the most technologically advanced, high-quality commercial printing equipment, as well as the finest paper selections so that your art is displayed at its best. 


Think about it this way, if you find yourself, as an artist, using a traveling booth to display your artwork in several different venues.  If you are traveling with your original works, you may find them damaged over time.  Consider instead being able to travel with a couple high quality prints and being able to sell several of your post popular print.  Using to ensure that you are providing the closest thing to the original as possible is sure to please even the pickiest customer. 


There are many different types of prints that you can choose from, and there is definitely an art to printmaking, so make sure that you are choosing a professional partner when it comes recreating your original artwork. 


What are Giclee Prints?


Giclee, pronounced zhee-clays, is a French term meaning “to spray” which refers to how the printer works and how giclee prints are produced.  These printers are very large, with many tiny sprayers that match both color and precision.  This type of print provides the highest quality print of original art.  When it comes to giclee prints, there are four elements that make them the best type of printing for recreating original art.  Giclee prints are renowned for having the best resolution, the best ink, using the highest quality papers, and of course the printer type. 


When it comes down to ensuring that a reprint of your original artwork shows the tiniest fine lines, and the most subtle differences in shading and tone, your best bet is choosing a giclee print.  A giclee printer holds 12 ink cartridges, providing a wider range of colors making sure that when you duplicate your artwork it is almost impossible to tell the difference between the original and the duplicate. 


The combination of our high-quality scanners and our giclee printers here at will ensure the best possible recreation of your artwork, browse our pricing options today. 


Photo Printing with


As our photo devices become more advanced, so do our photos.  Do you consider yourself a photographer?  Perhaps you are simply passionate about taking photos of your family as it grows.  Regardless of the reason, it is imperative that when you choose someone to print your photos, that you choose someone that is going to be able to print a photo that brings your vision to life.  While digital photos can be satisfying, there is nothing like having a printed photo of your most treasured memories available to hang on your wall, decorate your home, or enhance your décor. 


Your photos should be printed so that they represent the closest approximation of that moment in time.  You captured that moment and bringing it to life is the job of our professional team at  Our goal is to make sure that your photos are printed on the highest quality paper, with vivid detail and gorgeous colors. 


What about canvas prints?


Whether you want to display a family portrait or a timeline of family members through the years, canvas prints are a unique and beautiful way to show off some of your favorite photos.  They are known to liven up any space or provide a modern way to update a room.  You can use them to create collages or display inspiring messages that represent your beliefs, culture, and history. 


Canvas prints are different from canvas paintings, because in order to create a canvas print an image is printed using a large inkjet printer onto a canvas.  Once it is printed, the canvas gets stretched onto a wooden frame.  After this step the photo can be left frameless, or there are many options to frame the canvas if you so choose. offers a plethora of framing options, and we have been providing this service locally here in the United States for many years.  We are a family-owned business based out of Hasbrouck Heights, New Jersey.  Our canvas prints are made with the highest quality canvas and printed with care.


What kind of photo printing services can I find at


Our shops are well known for providing quality care for art and canvases for years.  Our customers have depended on us to care for priceless heirlooms, from their great-grandparents cross-stitching to prized coin collections and sports equipment.  It is the trust that our customers have had in us over the years that have inspired us to broaden our horizons and branch out into providing modern services that keep our customers coming back to us again and again. 


We wanted to make sure that our customers were not only able to preserve the memories of the past, but be able to create new memories, and have them displayed with just as much pride as their grandfathers’ medals and awards.  So, we decided to invest in the most exclusive and top-rated equipment so that we were able to add photo prints, canvas prints, giclee prints, fine art printing and photo printing to the services that we offer our customers. 


Not only can families count on us to preserve their history, but now they can count on us to print their legacy and display it beautifully in their home.  Additionally, because of our love of art, and the artists that enrich our world and our lives, we wanted to provide a service to them by being able to help them reproduce their works so that they can travel and sell their works of art anywhere.  Additionally, with the emergence of NFT art, we wanted to support the art community by being able to allow those NFT artists the ability to sell their art in another format. 


Work with the professionals at to make sure that you are getting the photos and art you deserve. 


We know that there are many options out there when it comes to printing and preserving your photos and memories.  We hope that our experience and knowledge over the years convinces you that working with our professional team at is in your best interest.  We look forward to providing you with the best service available, in a manner that our customers have come to expect. 


Contact us today and our expert staff will work with you and your budget to deliver professional-quality prints that make a statement about who you are as an artist, photographer, or history preserver.  We look forward to hearing from you and helping your art and memories come to life on paper.  Call, click, or follow us today to hear more about the wonderful opportunities in the world of print!

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