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Custom Framing Process at Frame Shop - Modern Memory Design

"Custom Framing Process at Frame Shop"

 "Preserve Your Art and Memories with Ease"

[Step 1] Choose Your Artwork

  • Bring your artwork, photograph, or memorabilia to the frame shop
  • Let us know the dimensions and any special requirements

framing artwork custom picture frame shop Bergen county nj

[Step 2] Consultation

  • Discuss your framing preferences with a professional framer
  • Consider different matting, mounting, and glazing options
  • Get recommendations based on your artwork and design preferences

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[Step 3] Select Frame and Mat

  • Choose from a wide range of frames, such as metal, wood, and acrylic
  • Select the color, style, and size that best complement your piece
  • Pick the perfect mat to enhance the artwork and protect it from damage

[Step 4] Determine Glass Type

  • UV protection: Protects against fading and color shifts
  • Anti-glare: Reduces reflections and glare for better viewing
  • Museum quality: Offers the highest level of protection and clarity

[Step 5] Finalize Details

  • Review the design mockup with the framer
  • Confirm frame, mat, and glass selections
  • Get an estimated completion date and cost breakdown

[Step 6] Framing and Assembly

  • Your artwork is handled with care by professional framers
  • Precision cutting and joining of frame and mat
  • Secure mounting and glazing to ensure longevity

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[Step 7] Pick-up and Display

  • Receive a notification when your custom framing is complete
  • Inspect the finished piece at the frame shop
  • Take your beautifully framed artwork home and enjoy!

Picture frame shop online

[Quick Tips]

  • Consider the room's decor and lighting when choosing frame and mat colors
  • Always use acid-free materials to prevent damage to your artwork
  • Regularly clean and dust your frame to keep it looking its best
custom framing online picture frame shop
Picture frame shop online
Here are the steps on how to picture frame for custom art:

1. **Measure the art.** You will need to know the dimensions of the art in order to choose the right frame.
2. **Choose the frame.** There are many different types of frames available, so you will need to choose one that is the right size and style for the art.
3. **Cut the mat.** The mat will provide a border around the art and help to protect it. The mat should be cut to the same size as the frame.
4. **Assemble the frame.** The frame will have four pieces: the frame itself, the glass, the mat, and the backing. The glass will go on top of the art, the mat will go on top of the glass, and the backing will go on the back of the frame.
5. **Hang the frame.** Once the frame is assembled, you can hang it on the wall.

Here are some additional tips for picture framing custom art:

* Use acid-free materials. This will help to protect the art from damage.
* Use a UV-protected glass. This will help to protect the art from the sun's harmful rays.
* Use a frame that is the right size. The frame should not be too big or too small for the art.
* Use a frame that is the right style. The frame should complement the art.
* Hang the frame at eye level. This will make it easy to view the art.