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How is canvas stretched and framed on stretcher bars

Canvas is typically stretched and framed on stretcher bars using the following process:

  1. Cut the canvas to size: The canvas is first cut to the desired size, allowing for extra material to wrap around the edges of the stretcher bars.

  2. Assemble the stretcher bars: The stretcher bars are then assembled into a frame shape, using corner keys or other fasteners to hold them securely in place.

  3. Staple the canvas: The canvas is then placed over the frame and stretched taut using a staple gun. Starting in the center of each side, the canvas is stapled to the frame, working outwards and pulling the canvas tight as you go. The canvas should be evenly stretched and free of wrinkles or sags.

  4. Trim the excess canvas: Once the canvas is stapled in place, the excess material is trimmed away from the edges of the frame using a sharp knife or scissors.

  5. Finish the edges: The edges of the canvas can be left as is, or they can be folded over and stapled to the back of the frame to create a clean, finished look. Alternatively, the edges can be covered with a decorative trim or left exposed as a design element.

Overall, stretching and framing a canvas on stretcher bars involves cutting the canvas to size, assembling the frame, stretching the canvas taut, trimming the excess material, and finishing the edges. This process can be done by hand using a staple gun and other tools, or it can be done using a canvas stretching machine.



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