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How to Hang Picture Frames with a Sawtooth Hanger

Sawtooth hanging picture frameHere is how to use sawtooth hangers:

  1. Define your frame location, orientation and hanging height you want to hang your frame
  2. Measure back of you frames distance and mark center with a pencil 
  3. Place your sawtooth hanger in the middle of center of the marking you did 
  4. Using a hammer tap in each side of the sawtooth hanger nail till the metal of the hanger is flush with back of the frame

Modern Memory Design Picture frames are delivered to you with a sawtooth hanger. Sawtooth hangers are perfect to hang picture frames that are light in weight. Its easy to install sawtooth picture hangers and here are all the steps 


Step 1: Picture Frame Placement  

Identify the place on your wall you like your picture frame to be displayed and make a marking with piece of painters tape or pencil. If this is only frame being hanged on your wall make sure it’s centered 

Hanging sawtooth hanger picture frame
Step 2: Measure Frame Center.

Find your picture frames center on the Moulding of the back of the frame and mark it 

Picture frame sawtooth hanger
Step 3: Hammer sawtooth hanger 

Place the sawtooth hanger splitting the center of the frame back marking you did in step 2 and tap on each end till the metal touches flush with the back of the frame  

Picture frame wall hanging sawtooth hanger

Step 4: Picture Frame wall Nail hanger

Identify you picture frame display location tale a nail and hammer it half the distance of the hammer , now it’s time to hang your picture frame with sawtooth hanger on the that nail you hammered in to the wall

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