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Newark, NJ Frame shop for Custom Framing and picture frames

Modern Memory Design Picture Frames in Hasbrouck Heights, NJ  Custom Frames in our frame store for any home in Newark, New Jersey.

Frame shop in nj custom framing picture frames

Our NJ Frame shop is located right near you at 246 boulevard Hasbrouck Heights New Jersey 07604 we can be contacted by phone (201)4214060 or by email


Properly framed artwork, prints, and memorabilia should last the test of time.  You can trust that the professionals at Modern Memory Design can help you with your custom framing job, and we’ll do it right.  

 Custom framing picture frame store in New Jersey Bergen county

What is your artwork worth to you?


Modern Memory Design offers custom framing at wholesale prices.  We proudly serve the local Hoboken and Bergen County NJ neighborhoods as well as the rest of the United States with our online shop.  If you are ready to experience why our custom picture and art framing services are in such high demand, then feel free to stop by our shop today for a free estimate or keep browsing our site for more information.   

Never forgetting where we come from, we put our customers first at Modern Memory Design.  We create masterful custom framing for your artwork at reasonable wholesale pricing.  Being local , we offer custom framing with a selection of over 100 different molding selection.  Our framing store  At Modern Memory Design we want you to know that we will treat your memories and valuables like they are our own, providing excellent service at wholesale prices.   

Modern Memory Design Picture Frames  are masters at the art of framing, and it is our mission to frame your artwork beautifully, with high quality materials and care for a reasonable price.  Modern Memory Design specializes in projects that most other framers turn away.  We are passionate about using only the finest materials in our archival framing process, because you deserve for your treasured artwork and memories to be safe for many, many generations to come.  You name it, we frame it!

 Picture frames shop for custom framing in New Jersey frame studio for New York

You have a choice when it comes to who frames your artwork.


Who you are, and your unique personality and creativity should be reflected in your framing choice.  Your works of art, photos, lithographs, prints, and antique art should be complimented with a frame that equally celebrates the uniqueness of your work.  At Modern Memory Design, we strive to compliment your work with a frame that gives you that feeling of timeless beauty each and every time you look at your masterpiece as it graces your wall.  


What is Museum Quality framing, and does Modern Memory Design offer it?


When it comes to museum grade, or museum quality level framing, it is defined as the standard of framing required to protect the contents from any fading or damage.  This level of framing ensures that the contents can last for millennia andrequires framing materials and techniques that will surpass your protection and preservation goals.  


Any item that is framed this way and requires this type of museum quality framing will need a minimum of UV filtered glazing, a 100% cotton rag mat, and 100% cotton rag backing, with a final layer of archival backing.  If you value your artwork, it will only stand the test of time if you bring it to a framing shop like Modern Memory Design, who takes the museum quality standard VERY seriously.  You can rest assured that with our knowledge and expertise in this area, that we canhelp ensure that any piece that needs museum grade framing will get it, and get it done correctly so that it lasts for generations.  


Diplomas, jersey framing, Degrees & Keepsakes Framing Services in Newark, NJ


You or a loved one worked hard for that simple piece of paper, that means so much.  Your diploma, degree, or ketubah represents every moment that you worked towards that goal and is a symbol of your success.  It deserves to be honored and remembered each and every time you see it hanging on your wall.  At Modern Memory Design we would be honored to help you frame your diploma, ketubah, or degree so that it will look the same many years from now, as it does today.  Get the look you want, with a quality frame for your diploma, degree, or ketubah by framing it with archival framing techniques.  

 Frame store for diploma framing New Jersey frame store picture frames New York

Photos, Portraits, Wedding Portraits, Photographs, and Archival Photography Framing Services in Newark, NJ


Precious memories are celebrated, one moment at a time, frozen in photos.  Framing these moments, these memories with the highest quality methods so that they can last longer than a lifetime without fading is important.  At Modern Memory Design, our team of expert framers will ensure that your most treasured life moments are framed properly, so that you can relive those moments as often as you pass by them as they hang on the wall.  


Oil Painting, Acrylic Painting, Watercolor, and Charcoal Artwork Framing Services in Newark, NJ


The knowledgeable experts at Modern Memory Design are industry experts at gallery style picture framing.  Since many of our clients are professional artists, photographers, or painters, we have spent a significant amount of time framing pieces for galleries, art shows, and general retail for photos, prints, and artwork.  At Modern Memory Design, we make sure that your frame choice reflects your personal décor and tastes.  It is our goal to make sure that the framing you choose sets off your artwork and highlights the art within the frame.  Additionally, we go out of our way to make sure the frame for your art matches the style of your home or business, whether that is ultra-modern, or has a country rustic feel.  We always get your artwork and framing done right, and for a reasonable price.  


Corporate, Industrial, Wholesale Art, Photos, and Award Framing Services in Newark, NJ


If our company needs a high quantity of framing done, for several business locations or because of marketing efforts, Modern Memory Design can help.  We serve corporate clients across the United States and Internationally as well. Whether your hotel needs new frames for its artwork, or your office has a few pieces that need to be reframed, we can ensure that it is done properly at a reasonable price.  


Posters, Prints, and Framing Services Serving Newark, NJ


With proper framing methods, your lithograph, prints, and posters can last generations.  At Modern Memory Design, we make sure that your lithograph, poster, or print is framed safelywith amazing aesthetic appeal.  Your poster or print will not fade or become discolored, because we will use our knowledge and experience to ensure that your precious work is protected from acid and sunlight.  Our framing process will ensure that the quality and colors of your posters and prints will be properly maintained for years to come.  


Art Consultants, Interior Designers, Home and Business Decorators, and New Construction Custom Faming Services in Newark, NJ


Whether you are an art consultant, an interior designer, a residential or corporate decorator, or if you are in new construction and need custom art and photo framing done, look no further than Modern Memory Design.  We can help you with each step of your design process, ensuring that the artwork youchoose to enhance the space you are decorating is exactly what you are needing it to be.  Contact us today for more information.  


Sports Collectibles, Sports Jerseys, Sports Memorabilia, Honored War & Service Medals, Jerseys, Boxing Gloves, Invitations, Family Heirlooms, Collectible Records and Vinyl, Instruments, TV or Movie Props, Needlework Framing and Shadow Boxing Custom Framing Services in Newark, NJ


If you need it framed, we can frame it here at Modern Memory Design.  With decades of experience, we have framed anything you can imagine, and challenge you to find something that we don’t have experience doing.  From sports memorabilia to service and war medals, boxing gloves, instruments, props from TV or Movies, to needlework, you will have no doubt in your mind that your treasure is in good hands.  


Custom Cut Mirrors and Mirror Framing Services in Newark, NJ


At Modern Memory Design, we specialize in glass and mirror services for businesses and homes.  We can custom cut any shape and size of glass or mirror to your exact specifications.  We are also able to cut, etch, and sandblast mirrors as well as replace cracked mirrors of any type.  If you have an antique mirror that you would like custom framed, you can be sure that we will handle it with the utmost care.  At Modern Memory Design, we can help you with all of your glass, mirror, and framing needs.  

 Nj custom framing frame store in New Jersey

Custom Industrial Framing for Hotels, Apartments, Art Galleries, Restaurants, and Commercial Property Framing Services in Newark, NJ


We offer industrial quality framing at wholesale pricing for Hotels, Apartment Buildings, Restaurants, and Commercial Properties all over the United States.  Our quality is unmatched in the industry, and no one can beat our prices.  Our experienced team at Modern Memory Design has been in the business for over 30 years, and we understand fame types, materials, glass, and durability of what you need so that your artwork remains crisp, safe, and full of color for many years to come.  Additionally, we have a custom installation team that can mount your artwork for security purposes, so that you can make sure to meet all of the safety requirements necessary so that your artwork stays on the wall where it belongs.  

New Jersey picture frame hanging service New Jersey New York  

Custom Installation, Mounting and Transportation of Museum Quality Artwork, Framed Photos in Your Home or Business serving the Newaek Area in New Jersey


Modern Memory Design can move, transport, and mount your artwork for added security, durability, safety, and longevity.  Our team of experts can professionally help you move your personal, corporate, or investment artwork discretely and securely.  At Modern Memory Design, we make sure that once your piece is moved it is mounted and/or stored for you properly.  We understand how much your art means to you.  We want you to know that our team lives, breathes, and loves what we do, and we will make sure that you are 100% satisfied with our work.  


Art Finder, Discovery Specialists, Art Dealers, Art Gallery Services in Newark, NJ


At Modern Memory Design, we have an expert team of art finder specialists who will relentlessly track down whatever you are seeking.  We are extremely experienced in the art world and know exactly who to call and how to get the pieces you are wanting.  If you have a custom art request, please give us a call so that we can discuss your tastes and desires so that we can help you find the artwork that you love.  

Visit our frame store Modern Memory Design Picture Frames at 246 Boulevard Hasbrouck Heights, New Jersey  or our online picture frame store at