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History of Picture Frames

The earliest artwork to ever been found and that we are aware of - are cave paintings they were known to have no borders, demarcations, lines and absolutely no frames. Over time, paintings became associated with a border. Primarily framing of pictures was a way of presenting and showcasing one’s artwork. However, extensive research conducted shows that artists would use frames with the intention of separating scenes, a narrative so to speak. Famous and influential Dutch impressionist painter, Vincent Willem Van Gogh stated that “A picture without a frame is like a soul without a body”.  Have you ever thought about the history of frames as being an entire and complete narrative and separate from the history of art. Yes,...

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Personalized decor is better and we have your home wall decor solution

Personalized wall art at home If you really want to make your home look and feel more interesting, sometimes the best thing you can focus on is adding some great wall art. Thanks to the right art prints and powerful home décor you can easily bring in a great homey feeling that makes your home more appealing and interesting than ever before. Even the simplest ideas can do wonders, all you have to do is to come up with something unique. And that’s where Modern Memory Design comes into play. What is Modern Memory Design? is a website that provides you with print and custom framing services at a very good price. You can get free digital mockups for...

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Best Online Personalized Wall Art & Wall Decor Solution - Home Decor to Show Your Personality

Have you ever taken a picture or had a picture taken, or a concept that perhaps speaks to you deeply and continuously lingers in your mind? Or simply a picture or moment(s) that brings nostalgia, elicits humor or inspiration! Then you should be familiar with the thought: "I would like that framed"!  With the dawn of the internet, smartphones and online shopping era, we consumers come into contact with many things that capture our hearts, and motivate our spirit. Often in times we need a reminder of that warm spirit and what better way than a piece(s) of custom framed wall art.  Finding the perfect art that is reflective of your personality, wall art that speaks to you, oozes individuality,...

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