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Professional Canvas Stretching And Framing New Jersey NYC

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Professional Canvas Stretching at Modern Memory Design in New Jersey and New York 


Do you know why canvas stretching is necessary?  When you look for professional canvas stretching services, look no further than Modern Memory Design.  We work with artists who don’t have the time or space to stretch their own canvases, to prepare it for paint.  We also have canvas stretching services to prepare a piece of artwork for framing.  


Why is Professional Canvas Stretching Best Left to Professionals?


Materials When you stretch your own canvases, you will end up paying more up-front costs.  For example, canvas will have to be bought in bulk.  If you are an artist that doesn’t use that much canvas, this may not be economically sound.  Additionally, there are tools involved, which adds to the cost.
Space – Many artists don’t have dedicated art space that allows for the storage of your bulk materials, tools, and table space for canvas stretching.  Most of the artists space is dedicated to creating art.  If you don’t have a lot of space to work with, a professional canvas stretcher can help.
Longevity and Quality – The single reason most artists use a professional canvas stretcher is so that they are able to ensure that the artwork that they are creating is done on a consistent well stretched canvas that will last for decades to come.  A professional canvas stretcher is usually able to create custom sized canvases, in less time, and provide you with an amazing result that is evenly stretched.
Value If you already have a piece of artwork, and the canvas frame is weakened or broken, don’t risk tearing it or over stretching it.  Seek the assistance of a professional who can not only help you get it stretched correctly butframed as well.  


Framing Canvas Artwork vs. Hanging it Unframed

When you consider whether or not you should frame your canvas artwork, there are many things to think about.  Let’s discuss hanging your artwork unframed first.  


If your piece is stretched properly, and the sides of the artwork aren’t distracting or visually disruptive, then hanging the canvas without a frame is just fine.  As a matter of fact, you may see this done often.  The texture that the artist ads to an oil painting, acrylic painting, or collage can be significantly diminished when you cover it with a frame.  The drawback to leaving a pieceunframed is that sunlight, humidity, smoking, changes in temperature and more can cause damage over time.  These very same things can also cause issues with warping to the frame that the canvas is stretched over.  


Framing your artwork preserves it.  Not only is the artwork preserved, but the canvas frame is also preserved.  Framing artwork, even a piece that is an odd size, protects the corners and edges of the piece, as well as structural warps.  There are also ways to preserve the artists intentions, such as texture and shading with different types of matting and recessed frames.  If you’re looking for a way to keep your valuable piece of artworkintact and just as beautiful as the day you purchased it for generations to come, then you may want to consider a frame.  

 NJ Frame Shop custom framing store poster art canvas

Can Art Painted on an Unstretched Canvas Be Stretched Later?

The short answer is yes!  There are many artists who prefer to paint on linen or other types of canvases.  Additionally, you may find artwork that was painted on unstretched canvas simply for the freedom and convenience it offers.  If you have purchased a piece of art that is on canvas that has not been stretched, it can be stretched later.  It can also still be framed, whether the canvas is stretched or not.  Make sure that there is at least 5cm of extra canvas around the edges of your artwork so that it can be wrapped around a stretcher bar without disfiguring the artwork.  


How Does Modern Memory Design Stretch Canvas?

At Modern Memory Design, canvas stretching is more than a few strips of wood and a few staples.  The process isn’t complicated, but we take great pride in what we do.  Our goal is to ensure that anything painted on it will be properly lined up and have enough tension so that the piece can displayed as intended.  


Modern Memory Design uses only the highest quality linen canvases, and then we measure it to make sure that there is enough to put over the stretcher bars.  If you are an artist looking for a blank canvas, simply tell us the size and we can make it happen.  If you have a piece of artwork that is already paintedthen we make sure the edge of the canvas is even so that the stretcher bars create an even frame structure.  


Once everything is lined up, we start stapling.  We have to make sure that the canvas has enough tension.  We have a special technique to evenly distribute the tension across the face of the artwork or canvas to ensure that there aren’t any ripples or extra tension.  The corners of the canvas are specially folded and tucked into the sides to preserve the linen and prevent frays.  Corner keys are hammered into the corners to even out the tension on the canvas even further, and wood glue is used to keep everything in place.  


Our canvas stretching process keeps your artwork preserved for many years to come regardless of whether you choose to frame it or not.  


Why Choose Modern Memory Design for Your Canvas Stretching Needs?

Modern Memory Design has spent many years working with artists to preserve and maintain their artwork.  We have earned the trust of our friends and neighbors and would love to be the partner you depend on to help you create or display your artwork.  No matter what your canvas stretching needs are, Modern Memory Design is here to help.  Our highest priority is always the preservation of your pieces, so that they can be maintained for many years to come.  


Please feel free to browse our website for more information, or reach out today and we can get started learning about your project details.