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Custom framing any frame size! Chat with us 💬

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 Why do we use picture frame for our artwork, photographs or even diplomas?

An artistic canvas, or even a photograph, tends to lose value without its frame. But framing a work of art, pictorial creation, etc., for the most modest, has a dual objective: to highlight its beauty and to protect it from any external agent, starting with dust. Or at least, colors, lights, and shadows can be highlighted if you choose the right frame. Whether it's a print, a photo, a canvas, a watercolor, a diploma, a ticket or any other object, the frame is an integral part of the picture's aesthetics. So it is not only a protective accessory for the edges of the picture but since then it plays an important aesthetic function. In fact, the frame contains the ideal space recreated by the artist in his painting, separating the static universe of painting from the real one in continuous motion. The frame can be considered as a kind of multi-shaped window from which the viewer looks at nature or the supernatural world created by the artist.



A frame is really functional since it protects the art, and after all a frame is easier to replace than the original art piece. It also solves the problem of how to get a work on paper to the wall. To protect it the so-called passe-partout is used, which is a cardboard that avoids the contact between the work and the glass or the Marie Louise, a thin slab of wood with a similar function. On this card, there is a wooden frame that can be carved and decorated with molding, a decorative corner element. Beside those functional reasons, frames have the ability to create a framework that surrounds the paintings into art. The ornamental purpose of the frames becomes an art! Framing a painting impeccably requires a certain talent and taste.



A frame for a photo separates the instantaneousness and the static nature of the photographic shot from the constantly moving reality, enclosing and guarding, at the same time, that ideal universe created by the author. The frame is like a slit, a multi-shaped passage through which the viewer observes the world proposed by the artist, often immersing himself in it.



Framing the diploma is certainly one of the most common and frequent practices so that it can be hung in the wall of your room, in your living room or even better in any study or office of future realization. Some think it is synonymous with ostentation and self-centeredness on the part of the graduate but it is instead synonymous with pride and professionalism: a wall in the office that carries the certified qualification of the doctor is certainly, in all fields of work, a sign of scrupulousness and preparation of the interlocutor. The most classic way to frame a degree is to put it inside a wooden frame, perhaps precious and not too pompous and baroque, with the use of a suitable passe-partout that delimits the distance from the margin.

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