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Incorporating Art into Your Space with Custom Framing - Modern Memory Design Picture frames - NJ Frame shop Custom framing

Incorporating Art into Your Space with Custom Framing

Your home décor with  help of a NJ  frame shop online

There are many reasons that people choose to hang art in their home.  Not only does it enhance the space, or bring out colors in your décor, but it can also help reduce noise and make your room more homey and pleasant.  Paintings can be perfect for renters, because often time you can’t paint the walls or make other style changes.  Most importantly, buying a painting can support the artist directly, and when these artists pour their hearts into their work with labor-intensive care, it feels good knowing your purchase is helping to support a local artist. 


Often times, you may buy a piece of artwork or run across something inspirational that you want to hang in your home and find that years later the piece is damaged or degraded.  It is best if you ensure that the piece that you invest in is protected and displayed in a manner that keeps it beautiful for generations to come.  What types of art are available?


Abstract Art


This gorgeous form of art uses shapes, colors, forms, and gestural marks to create a representation of something else.  Famous abstract artists include names such as Jackson Pollock, Pablo Picasso, Georgia O’Keeffe, and Franz Kline.  These pieces of art often grace homes that tend towards a more modern design.  At Modern Memory Design, we can also re-create popular abstract paintings using our giclee printing service. 


Animal Art


Whether you are looking at paintings of animals or photographs of animals in their natural habitat, Animal art can come in all styles, shapes, and sizes.  Even caricatures and personified creations such as dogs reading books or playing poker, count as animal art.  Some of the most popular animal artists include Wilhelm Kuhnert, Terry Isaac, and Stephen D. Nash.  Animal art has become increasingly more desirable lately with the trending “farmhouse” style that many people are choosing to decorate their homes with.  What a lot of people don’t consider when it comes to Animal Art… is photos that people take of their own animals.  If you have a beloved pet that you would like framed and hung in your home, let us know, we can help.


Landscape Art


While you may not be a personal fan of Bob Ross, the reality is that landscape art is something that has been wildly popular since the beginning of history.  Additionally, landscape art is oftentimes the most versatile art pieces, and can provide a touch of sophistication or whimsy to a space.  Vincent Van Gogh was one of the most famous landscape artists, you can get a giclee print of one of his paintings if you choose, or if you would like to be reminded of the beautiful beach house you visited on your honeymoon, then we can create a print from a photo of that as well. 


Motivational Art


While there are those out there that tend to think that motivational art is something of a recent fad, that won’t last long, the reality is that we’ve been creating it for quite a while.  Do you remember the “hang in there” kitty?  The difference is that today, we have expanded our style of motivational art to include quotes, different fonts, and many different background images.  The idea is still the same though.  If you are wanting something customized and unique designed just for your space, contact our experts today at Modern Memory Design, and we can get started on your project right away. 


Nature Art


The difference between landscape art and nature art is simple.  Landscape art shows a landscape, and nature art can contain simple concepts that show examples of nature, like a painting of a tree or plant.  Claude Monet is a very good example of an artist that worked on nature art.  If you gravitate towards this style of art, we would be happy to create a custom frame for a piece that you have purchased from a local artist.  Yes!  Even if you live across the United States from our shop here in New Jersey, we would be happy to receive your piece in the mail, frame it for you, and send it back to you.  If you are interested to know more about how this process works, check out our FAQ page. 


Travel Art


Travel art refers to giclee prints or paintings and illustrations that evoke movement, an experience, or an emotion that is tied to the dream of travel.  This artform is vast and includes urban sketches that are created by artists on the spot of places they visit, or travel maps, or posters that celebrate city events.  If you own these posters or have been featured in an urban sketch, and would like these memories preserved, Modern Memory Designs can help. 


Floral Art


Floral art is often thought of as something that encompasses paintings of floral arrangements.  This is true, and custom framing these art pieces is something that we love to do.  However, had you considered framing your wedding bouquet?  Perhaps your father or grandfather presented your mother or grandmother with a flower that they pressed and kept for years.  We can help you preserve that love and history in a way that can be beautifully displayed for many generations to come. 


Sports Art, Music Art, and Movies Art


If you have a photo of a game that you attended, or a signed jersey, or sports memorabilia then the best way to preserve this piece of history is to have it custom framed.  Often when people choose to DIY their memorabilia, damage occurs, degrading the value of the piece.  At Modern Memory Design our goal is to ensure that your piece is properly protected and able to be passed down through the generations.  This is also what we do with old music posters, movie posters, and autographed pieces that you would like to preserve. 


Regardless of the type of art you choose to liven up your home or office space with, we can help.


History shouldn’t be hidden away in books, closets, or attics.  If you would like to preserve a precious memory, display your pride in a city event, or show off your love of Van Gough, then please don’t hesitate to contact us today for more information on how you can make this happen.  We would be happy to help and have been doing it for years.  At Modern Memory Design, we customize each piece for our customers so that they are getting exactly what they are looking for, and we’re sure we can do the same for you.  Browse our site for more information, or contact us for more information. 





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