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Best professional jersey framing in New Jersey New York City area

Sports bring us together to unite, grow and create memories. Each player is fitted with a numbered sports jersey that represents their identity and character. Custom framing sports jersey is just that identity with fun memories from the time your played or of your favorite player. Jersey framing can be found at sports venues highlights superstars, local sports bars for theme of the bar, schools recognizing their top talented student athletes. Jersey framing is unique experience which is custom personalized for you or it can be a great gift idea to gift a custom jersey framing. 

Modern Memory Design Picture Frame shop In Hasbrouck Heights, New Jersey offers jersey framing with high quality wooden shadow box picture frames which gives depth for your jersey to sit back and be the central focal point in the frame

How much those it cost to frame a jersey? When framing your jersey there is many options from May style you like to glass along with frame, simple Jersey framing in shadow box is $350, if you like a custom matting and photos or cards added it’s about $500, if you choose conservation product for glass and mat it’s around $800-1200$

Does framing a jersey ruin it? No, when jersey is framed it’s carefully pinned and taped with material that is not to ruin the jersey.




Modern Memory Design Picture Frames- We are best New Jersey New York Jersey frame business located at 246 Boulevard Hasbrouck Heights, New Jersey 

How do you frame a jersey? Jersey framing is one of the major skill sets that custom framers contain when owning a frame shop. Here is simple explanation on how Jersey framing is done in New Jersey. 

Framing a sports jersey starts with creating a underlayment  by  creating a  outline of the jersey on a foam sheet which will be placed inside the jersey to keep it tight and not wrinkled once you have this done you will decide on spacing between frame and jersey and that will be your frame size, typically we do 2-3 inch around extra space , now it’s time to cut your foam backing and pin your jersey on to the backing. Once backing is done with jersey pinned we make a shadow box frame with depth of 1 inch and place glass in the frame. To allow jersey to lay relaxed in the frame and not touch glass we use spacers on the glass outside to give space between the backing and the glass, now your ready to place backing on top of the glass and spacers and close the frame. Finally you’ll install hanging hardware and your jersey framing is ready. This is short explanation on how our New Jersey frame shop frames jersey 

Jersey Framing :
  • Picture framing for jersey 
  • White Foam Board backing included to keep your jersey frame in place once hanged on your wall
  • Lightweight matte black finish frame with slim 3/4 inch wide flat molding profile. The size listed is for the inside dimensions of the frame and the size of the print you are putting into the frame.
  • Clear plexi acrylic glass front glazing protects jersey framing from dust and damage
  • Modern Memory Design Pictures frame are designed to preserve and display your jersey and artwork in decorative way. Solid Wood jersey Frame of any size can be placed in our handcrafted picture frames
  • Easy to Hang vertically or horizontally position with hanging hardware Included with the picture frame : Sawtooth hanger
  • bubble wrap each frame all around and secure with tape
  • Using cardboard sheets make long strips as wide and length of the frame with additional 1 inch on each side 
  • wrap cardboard around your frame 
  • place your cardboard wrapped frame in box