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Large picture frames

Large picture frames have become increasingly popular as homeowners and interior designers alike seek to make bold statements with their wall art. At Modern Memory Design, we offer a wide range of large frame sizes to accommodate your needs and bring your vision to life. In this blog post, we'll highlight some of our top-selling large frame sizes, including the 36x36, 36x48, 48x48, and 40x60 frames, and explore why they are in high demand.

36x36 Frame: The Perfect Square

A 36x36 frame is ideal for those looking to create a symmetrical and balanced look in their space. This square frame size is perfect for showcasing large-scale artwork, photographs, or posters, and can add a striking focal point to any room. Browse our 36x36 frame collection to find the perfect match for your artwork.

36x48 Frame: The Versatile Portrait

The 36x48 frame is a popular choice for portrait-oriented artwork, allowing you to display your favorite pieces with style and elegance. This versatile frame size works well for various art styles, from contemporary abstract pieces to traditional landscapes. Explore our 36x48 frame collection to discover the right fit for your space.

48x48 Frame: Bold and Eye-catching

Make a statement with a 48x48 frame, perfect for those looking to create a dramatic impact in their interior design. This large square frame is ideal for oversized art pieces and can transform a blank wall into a captivating centerpiece. Check out our 48x48 frame collection


40x60 Frame: The Impressive Landscape

The 40x60 frame is an excellent choice for landscape-oriented pieces or panoramic photography, creating a stunning visual impact on any wall. This size is perfect for capturing the essence of nature or cityscapes and can instantly elevate the ambiance of a room. Browse our 40x60 frame collection to discover the right frame for your panoramic masterpiece.

Additional Popular Large Frame Sizes

At Modern Memory Design, we understand that each art piece is unique, which is why we offer an extensive range of large frame sizes to suit your needs. Some of our other popular large frame sizes include:

  • 24x36 Frame: A classic large frame size, ideal for movie posters, fine art prints, and more. Check out our 24x36 frame collection for a variety of styles.
  • 30x40 Frame: A versatile size that works well for both portrait and landscape-oriented art. Explore our 30x40 frame collection to find the perfect frame for your art.
  • 32x48 Frame: A great option for showcasing larger artwork or photographs. Browse our 32x48 frame collection for a range of styles and finishes.


At Modern Memory Design, we pride ourselves on offering a wide selection of high-quality large picture frames to meet the diverse needs