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New York City Wedding Decor and Wedding Signage For Bride and Groom Wedding Venues

New York Wedding Décor at Modern Memory Design

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At New York based Wedding Décor Rental shop Modern Memory Design, you’ve come to expect handcrafted and tailored products that create a space in your home like no other.  You have come to us for years to help you memorialize artwork, display family heirlooms, and keep your photos and memorabilia well protected while beautifully and artfully gracing the walls of your home or office. 


Our family owned and operated business has been working for years to provide amazing experiences to our customers, that they have learned to rely on, depend on, and return to for each and every piece that they consider invaluable.  We are proud that our customers trust us with their finest and most valuable collections and consider it an honor to be a part of the legacy they hang on their walls. 


It is because of this trust and dedication that we are excited to expand our services to include Wedding Art here at Modern Memory Design.  Whether you have used our services for framing or art before, or not, we are happy to be able to provide you with the utmost customer satisfaction and superior craftmanship when it comes to your wedding art.  We know that your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life, so leave the details to us, and rest assured that your wedding art will be just as beautiful, coordinated and uniquely yours as you expect it to. 


Creating Wedding Memories with Excellent Design in New York City

At Modern Memory design, we go out of our way to create unique wedding memories, signs, and more with excellent design aspects and inspiration from all of your favorite artists for your special day.  When it comes to creating wedding memories with excellent design, you can trust your partners at Modern Memory Design to provide you with options that will reflect your personal flair and style.  Your wedding day should be special, distinctive, and exceptional.  We promise that you can count on us, you can count on our knowledge and experience so that you never feel pressured or confused for a second. 


If you are looking for a personal touch, then the design will make all the difference in the world.  At Modern Memory Design, we will help your dreams come to life on paper, or in neon, and help you display it at your event in a way that you will remember for a lifetime. 

 New Jersey wedding Decor new york signage

New York Wedding Welcome Signage Designed with You in Mind

The grand wedding welcome sign is meant to offer your guests a taste of what they can expect from your wedding.  Our wedding welcome signs are designed with you in mind, whether you prefer something more sophisticated in white, or with floral trims, or something simpler such as a rustic sign with a chalkboard theme, we have it all here at Modern Memory Design perfect decor for New York city Wedding 


There are thousands of fonts and colors to choose from, your imagination is the limit, and if you run out of that we have professional design artists who can give you a plethora of choices and options to help you narrow down your preferences. 


Regardless, at Modern Memory Design, we are here to help you design and customize a unique wedding welcome sign that you can be proud of.  Your wedding welcome sign is the perfect place to showcase your wedding hashtag, giving you instant access to photos that your guests took while at the event. 

 seating chart nj wedding decor

Customized Wedding Seating Charts Customized to Your Wedding Theme in New York City

While assigned seating is something every kid in school groans about, and it certainly isn’t required at weddings, it can create a simpler option for couples who are worried about disagreements or family entanglements.  Most couples opt for a simple wedding seating arrangement, where cards are placed on a table, with table numbers printed on the inside.  However, if you are looking for an easier way to show your guests where they should dine, then a simple printed seating chart may be the answer. 


Customized wedding seating charts also offer you the ability to carry your wedding theme, colors, or vibe from one area to the next.  With a beautifully printed customized wedding seating chart from Modern Memory Design, we are able to customize your seating chart to your theme and provide a uniform experience throughout the entire New York grand event


Your wedding should be a joyful day, and the seating arrangements should be the last of your worries, let us help with your design needs today. 


New York Wedding Themed Neon Signs That Capture Your Unique Style

Wedding themed neon signs aren’t just a blast from the past, they are an updated vision of magnificence that is trending upwards in the market today.  A wedding themed neon sign that captures your unique style can be just the thing you needed to push your design to the next level for your New York Wedding Decor 


Wedding themed neon signs allow you to either differentiate a space for the bride and groom to languish during the reception or provide a groovy setting to take some great photo-booth style snap shots during the event.  These neon signs aren’t likely to degrade over time either, since you can expect the same quality and craftmanship from these signs as you do every other product we offer here at Modern Memory Design. 


There are so many options when it comes to neon lighting today, check out the latest and greatest style and font options for neon wedding themed lights by calling us at Modern Memory Design today. 


Why Choose Modern Memory Design for Your Wedding in New York City?

At the end of the day, when you are planning your wedding, you want a partner that is going to provide you with the printing, design, and neon options that are worry free and gorgeous.  You want your unique wedding event to reflect your personal taste and style, and at Modern Memory Design, we are here to help you accomplish all of your goals. 


Please, feel free to browse our website for more information, or reach out today and we can get started helping you with your happily ever after. 


Make its easy for wedding planner and yourself as a bride to make your wedding décor a shining display at your New York City banquet hall. New York City is number 2 with wedding volume and we as Modern Memory Design Décor unique for any special occasion


Your wedding photography will always be with you for life and we are here to help you place your photos in picture frame to always cherish your special wedding moments. Wedding Picture frames is amazing first wedding anniversary gift as its referenced as the paper anniversary and its great to gift personalized wedding picture frame in a picture frame



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