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Picture Framing Store Online Modern Memory Design Picture frames

Picture framing stores are located all around United States from small downtown store front to large brick and mortar custom framing like Michaels or hobby lobby who offer custom framing! 

Picture framing stores that you see today on Main Street in towns near you they are craftsman who create custom picture frames with quality framing material. What makes picture framing stores unique vs large brick and mortar crafts store its their experience. When you visit picture framing store like Modern Memory Design Picture Frames you will have the expert picture framer take you through the entire process with care and recommend for your framing art. Every step at frame shop is done with your vision from the matting your pick for your art to the frame color and glass glazing style you like to finish your wall hanging decor. Most importantly most picture framing stores like located in heart of Hasbrouck Heights New Jersey completes entire process of your picture frame in their frame studio. All the matting is cut there, picture frame moulding is cut and jointed and finished all under one roof by one custom framer with care and expectation of highest quality. 

Picture framing stores in 2022 offer large selection for customer to pick from;

  • Frame Matting - the border in color which gives your photo or art depth is offered in entire color wheel color shade selection along with suede matting, textured matting , and even sports ball matting like basketball pebble look matting 
  • Picture frame molding - when comes to frame selection frame moulding is first thing you see in a frame studio. Many styles are displayed with selection of following 
  1. modern contemporary frames - flat face profile frame molding with color 
  2. traditional frames - light scoop molding that is sharped in to a scoop or light wave design on the frame
  3. wood frames - beach wood look to farmhouse woood frame design shabby chic style the frames are ready to be used 
  4. ornate frames - frames with a lot of design and curve to the frame along with beating and dots for max design look. 
  • Glass Glazing - frame shops offer multiple glass option to protect your art or photograph. 2 main options are glass glazing or acrylic glazing which was known as plexiglass . Modern technology has made both glazing to be had to differentiate from each other main difference it’s glazing durability, real glass frames are more fragile vs acrylic. Frame studio will share with you glass or acrylic that is Anti reflective along with UV protecting glass technology. anti reflective is pretty self explanatory this glazing will show no light reflection on the glass / acrylic  while UV protective glass is based on more of limiting light transmission through the glass on to your art and protecting from damage over time. Modern Memory Design recommends use of balance of the 2 types UV 70 has been very popular glass as it filters most of the exposure to your art.
  • Hanging kit- frame shops offer multiple picture framing styles ; saw tooth hanger which is metal u shaped metal tag you press in to the back of the frame centered. D ring hanging system is 2 loops screwed to the frame and attached to the d rings is a wire to hang on your wall. Easel display frame is another way to showcase your frame on a tabletop or desk and it’s not wall hangable.

Picture Framing store offers a lot for custom framing and it’s the place to visit to have your photo or art framed. Experience at frame shop or frame studio is unmatched vs large brick and mortar Framing’s tires like Michael’s or hobby lobby which lack expertise and selection. Custom picture framing stores are for exactly as your read it picture framing and not crafts and other art stuff. is your framing store with large selection online wooden frame from small frame size to large picture frames that are delivered to your door 

Create meaningful, unique pieces of art celebrating life's accomplishments, milestones, and memories you've gathered along the way.


What are popular picture frame sizes for your photos ;

there is many items or memories you can frame and all can be done in frame shop